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Histoire d'O: Numero 2 - Expanded

Histoire d'O: Numero 2 - Expanded

Limited Edition of 500 Units

Music Box Records (MBR-173)

Release Date: March 2, 2020

Format: CD

Track Listing

1. Never Will You Know (Véronique Lortal) 3:18
2. Love in 45 Seconds 2:26
3. Statues of the Night 2:22
4. Parade of Masks (Hans Zimmer) 3:02
5. Married Love 2:51
6. Madame Pembroke's Gigolo (Hans Zimmer) 2:48
7. The Young O 2:33
8. Ouverture to a Party (Hans Zimmer) 1:12
9. The World of O 2:53
10. Initiation of Carole 3:39
11. Deviation 2:18
12. Triumph of O 3:08
  Disc Time: 32:30
1. Love in 45 Seconds / Show the Lady in 3:14
2. Statues of the Night 3:00
3. Married Love 2:50
4. The Painting 0:25
5. The Intruder on a Horse 0:25
6. O and Her Guests 2:14
7. The Young O 2:10
8. O and Sambo 1:33
9. Parade of Masks (Hans Zimmer) 1:59
10. Blindfolded 1:28
11. The World of O 2:56
12. Initiation of Carole 2:50
13. Satisfaction 0:35
14. Kitchen Lust 1:31
15. Deviation 2:17
16. Submission 1:23
17. Madame Pembroke's Gigolo (Hans Zimmer) 2:06
18. Car Ride 0:32
19. Pleasure of Pain 1:31
20. Ouverture to a Party (Hans Zimmer) 1:51
21. You Are My Guest 1:59
22. Peeping James 0:43
23. Triumph of O 3:07
24. Family Scene 0:56
25. End Titles (O's Theme) 2:56
26. BONUS TRACK: Never Will You Know (French Version) (Véronique Lortal) 3:16
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

In collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, Music Box Records presents the CD premiere of complete score for erotic classic The Story of O - Part 2 (Histoire d'O, numéro 2) by Stanley Myers with additional music by Hans Zimmer.

The sequel to the erotic classic Histoire d'O (previously released by Music Box Records) went in a different direction than its predecessor. Directed by Éric Rochat, the sequel stars Sandra Wey as the now sexually more promiscuous O, now tasked with wrecking havoc in the family of a rich industrialist. Corruption and betrayal make her assignment all the more easier.

The melodic pop hybrid score by Stanley Myers is organized around a theme song and its several variations. Three cues are credited to Myers' assistant at the time, Hans Zimmer. The original LP release featured completely different mixes of the cues with the Zimmer cues having the most obvious changes. The 2-CD edition features the original LP program on Disc 1, with the film version of the cues in chronological order on Disc 2. This present 2-CD edition has been carefully restored and remastered by Christophe Hénault from the original LP master tape and the recording session elements.

Lavishly illustrated booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai, discussing the film, the composers and the score. This release is limited to 500 units.

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