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Stanley Myers

October 6, 1930
November 9, 1993

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[1994]  Heart of Darkness [Video Game]
[1993]  Claude*
 Head Over Heels [TV Series]
 Stalag Luft
[1992]  Sarafina!
 Mrs. 'arris Goes to Paris
[1991]  A Murder of Quality
 Cold Heaven*
 Heading Home
 Homo Faber
 Iron Maze
[1990]  Children Crossing
 He's Asking for Me
 Never Come Back
 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
 The Witches
[1989]  A Small Mourning
 Age-Old Friends
 Danny, the Champion of the World
 Ladder of Swords
 Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills
 Torrents of Spring
[1988]  Baja Oklahoma
 Nightmare at Noon
 Stars and Bars
 Stones for Ibarra
 The Boost
 The Christabel
 The Nature Of The Beast
 Tidy Endings
 Track 29
[1987]  A Wreath of Roses
 Harry's Kingdom
 Pack of Lies
 Prick Up Your Ears^
 Sammy and Rosie Get Laid^
 The Wind
 Trading Hearts
 Wish You Were Here^
[1986]  Castaway*
 Monte Carlo
 Separate Vacations
 Stromg Medicine
 The Second Victory
 The Zero Boys*
[1985]  Black Arrow
 Florence Nightingale
 Mr. And Mrs. Edgehill
 My Beautiful Laundrette^
 My Brother Jonathan
 The Lightship
 Widows 2
[1984]  Blind Date*
 Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2*
 Rainy Day Women
 Story of O, Part II
 Success Is The Best Revenge
 The Chain
 The Next One
 The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood
[1983]  A Pattern of Roses
 The Honorary Consul
[1982]  Moonlighting
 Nancy Astor
[1981]  Lady Chatterley's Lover
 The Incubus
[1980]  The Martian Chronicles [Miniseries]*
 The Watcher in the Woods
[1979]  A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
 The Border
 The Great Riviera Bank Robbery
 Yesterday's Hero
[1978]  The Deer Hunter^
 Summer of My German Soldier
 The Class of Miss MacMichael
 The Comeback
 The Greek Tycoon
[1977]  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
[1976]  Der Fangschuss
 The Confessional
[1975]  Conduct Unbecoming
 The Wilby Conspiracy
[1974]  Caravan to Vaccares
 House of Whipcord
 Little Malcolm
 Road Movie
 Shoulder to Shoulder
 The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
[1973]  Divorce His, Divorce Hers
 The Blockhouse
 The Love Ban
[1972]  A Free Woman
 King, Queen, Knave
 Sitting Target
 X, Y and Zee
[1971]  The Raging Moon
[1970]  A Severed Head
 Take a Girl Like You
 The Devil's Widow
 The Walking Stick
 Tropic of Cancer
[1969]  Age of Consent
 Michael Kohlhaas: Der Rebell
 Two Gentlemen Sharing
[1968]  No Way to Treat a Lady
 The Night of the Following Day
[1967]  Ulysses
[1966]  All Gas and Gaiters [TV Series]
[1965]  Coming Out Party
 The End of Arthur's Marriage
[1964]  Diary of a Young Man
[1963]  Doctor Who [TV Series]*
[1958]  Murder Reported
Key: * Has related album(s); ^ Has compilation album(s) only.

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