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Lost In Space

Lost In Space

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 340)

Release Date: February 29, 2016

Conducted by Bruce Broughton

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1:
1. Prologue 0:58
2. Main Title / Major Mayhem 4:07
3. Hologram Gags / You'll Do (Alternate) 1:05
4. Meet Dr. Smith 1:40
5. Dog Tags, No. 1 0:38
6. Reprogram The Robot / The Launch 6:25
7. Bad Dream / The Robot Attack 3:22
8. Where's Judy? / Judy Is Dying (Remix) 6:23
9. Can't Kill The Man (Revised) 0:49
10. We're Lost 0:23
11. The Proteus (Alternate) 2:23
12. Boarding The Proteus, Pt. 1 / BoardingThe Proteus, Pt. 2 7:01
13. Spiders And Static / Spiders Attack (Revised) 7:54
14. Jupiter Crash 1:11
15. A Strange New Place / Spider Scratch 1:29
16. Matt And Judy 1:40
17. Goodnights 0:38
18. Energy Bubbles / Dog Tags, No. 2 / John And West Set Out 2:23
19. Will's Walk / Smith Persuades Will 1:56
20. Will And Smith Set Out 1:59
21. Decades Old / I'm Your Son (Revised) / Time Machine 4:27
  Disc Time: 58:51

Disc 2:
1. Never Trust Anyone / Smith Interrupts / Spider Smith 3:01
2. Friendship / We Have A Plan / Kill The Monster (Revised) 8:46
3. Let's Go Major (Original) 1:26
4. The Portal (Revised Alternate) 2:44
5. Through The Planet (Revised Alternate) 2:28
6. Nice Work Fly Boy (Revised) 1:36
7. Fanfare For Will 0:27
8. Lost In Space 3:26
9. EXTRAS - ALTERNATES: Hologram Gags / You'll Do (Original) 1:04
10. Can't Kill The Man (Original) 0:49
11. The Proteus (Original) 2:24
12. Spiders And Static / Spiders Attack (Original) 7:54
13. Decades Old / I'm Your Son (Original) / Time Machine 4:32
14. Friendship / We Have A Plan / Kill The Monster (Original) 8:50
15. Let's Go Major (Alternate) 1:24
16. The Portal (Original) 2:42
17. The Portal (Revised) 2:43
18. Through The Planet (Original) 3:13
19. Through The Planet (Revised) 2:41
20. Nice Work Fly Boy (Original) 1:48
  Disc Time: 63:58
  Total Album Time: 122:49

From the Manufacturer

With the latest release from their long-standing relationship with composer Bruce Broughton, Intrada revisits Broughton's massive score to the 1998 film version of Lost in Space. Broughton had two-and-a-half weeks to score the film and that it's one of the richest, grandest scaled and most thematically compelling scores of his career is a testament to Broughton's professionalism and talent. Not only scored on a tight schedule, but the picture underwent numerous changes even as Broughton was attempting to finalize his score and record it with the Sinfonia of London. The composer had to write and record in haste and revise and re-score numerous sequences right up until the last minute. The resulting score is remarkably coherent, strongly melodic in its thematic elements, powerful in its majestic moments, and ferocious in its action sequences.

This new release expands upon the previous release, and now covers 2-CDs, including many alternates and revisions. Intrada revisited the complete session masters, recorded digitally during February and March 1998. The assembly follows Broughton's initial plan, with full cues playing in their originally intended sequence, including a significant highlight—the almost completely unused action set piece "Major Mayhem" that follows the main title.

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