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The David Michael Frank Collection - Vol. 4

The David Michael Frank Collection - Vol. 4

Limited Edition of 500 Units

Dragon's Domain Records (DDR799)

Release Date: June 19, 2024

Formats: CD, Digital

Track Listing

Disc 1: The David Michael Frank Collection - Vol. 4
1. POISON IVY: Ivy's Theme 3:38
2. A Merciful Murder 3:07
3. Ivy and Georgie 2:58
4. Balcony Blues 2:28
5. Mother and Child 2:01
6. Dances with Nymphs 2:20
7. Seduction 3:20
8. Damn Dog 1:57
9. Sex on the Hood 2:43
10. Unhappy Birthday 2:22
11. Funerals and Forlorn Friends 3:19
12. Road Curves / The Switch 3:10
13. From IV to Ivy 3:34
14. Sylvie's Discovery 5:34
15. End Credit Suite 4:00
16. Sex on the Hood (Alternate) 2:21
17. CALL ME: Anna's Theme 2:58
18. Witness to a Murder 1:23
19. Erotic Fantasies 4:30
20. Web of Deception 3:41
21. A Taste of Forbidden Fruit 2:18
22. Desperate Escape 1:38
23. Fatal Finale 3:58
  Disc Time: 69:18
Disc 2: The David Michael Frank Collection - Vol. 4
1. SUBURBAN COMMANDO: Main Title 4:27
2. Dashing Through 3:44
3. Earthlings Suck 5:04
4. The Big Apple 1:13
5. Zoot Suitor 3:00
6. Guns and Toes 3:50
7. Rabbit Punch 4:28
8. Repo Man 5:04
9. Mighty Marsha 1:48
10. E.T. and She 2:23
11. GOING UNDER: Main Title 2:54
12. Water Musik 1:30
13. Cracked Crew 2:24
14. Sub Trek 1:45
15. Dutch Treat 2:42
16. Loop the Loop 3:12
17. A Biscuit, a Basket 3:01
18. The Hunt 3:38
19. The World Watches 1:19
20. Time Out 1:42
21. Cap'n Biff 2:46
22. Sub Sushi 2:44
23. End Credits 4:13
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Dragon's Domain Records presents The David Michel Frank Collection, Volume 4, featuring music composed by David Michael Frank. This fourth collection of David Michael Frank's film music includes music from four projects from the composer's extensive filmography that show off two sides of the composer's incredible talent. The David Michel Frank Collection, Volume 4 includes music from Poison Ivy, Call Me, Suburban Commando and Going Under. The music is presented on two CDs.

Released in 1992, Poison Ivy is an erotic thriller directed by Katt Shea, starring Drew Barrymore, Sara Gilbert, Tom Skerritt and Cheryl Ladd. It tells the tale of Ivy (Barrymore), a teenage temptress who befriends an introverted high school student named Sylvie (Gilbert). Ivy weaponizes her seductive charm to worm her way into the sanctity of Sylvie's affluent family. For Poison Ivy, Frank composed a delicious main theme for Ivy, a quarter-note melody played by the violins with violas doubling an octave below supported by an eighth-note ostinato in the harp.

Released in 1988, Call Me, written by Karyn Kay and directed by Sollace Mitchell, starring Patricia Charbonneau, Stephen McHattie, David Strathairn, and Steve Buscemi is about a young journalist named Anna (Charbonneau) who strikes up a relationship with an obscene phone caller whom she mistakes for her boyfriend and in the process becomes entangled in a mysterious murder. Frank's rhythm-heavy electronic score for Call Me was recorded live using three synthesizer players, Simmons electronic drums, fretless bass, and an EWI or electronic wind instrument.

Released in 1991, Suburban Commando was written by Frank A. Cappello, directed by veteran Burt Kennedy, starring Hulk Hogan, Christopher Lloyd and Shelley Duvall. Hogan plays Shep Ramsey, an interstellar warrior hellbent on a mission to capture intergalactic despot General Suitor (William Ball). Ramsey fails miserably at his objective and is subsequently ordered by his superiors to 'take a vacation'. Infuriated, Ramsey smashes the control systems of his spacecraft and crash-lands on Earth. He befriends a weak-willed architect named Charlie (Christopher Lloyd) and is marooned with Charlie's family until his spacecraft can be repaired. Frank's rousing orchestral score for Suburban Commando is brimming with colloquial riffs, familiar spoofs, and heart-felt homages to a variety of musical masterpieces.

Finally, also released in 1991, Going Under was written by Darryl Zarubica and Randolph Davis, directed by Mark W. Travis, starring Bill Pullman, Wendy Schaal, Chris Demetral, Ned Beatty, Robert Vaughn, Roddy McDowall, Richard Masur, Joe Namath and Michael Winslow. The plot revolves around the submarine USS Sub Standard and its mission to recover a nuclear weapon ahead of the Russian navy in the aftermath of an international disaster. Frank's pun-filled orchestral score is chock-full of quotes, quips, and musical chortles.

Dragon's Domain Records presents The David Michel Frank Collection, Volume 4, Volume 4, featuring the world premiere releases of Poison Ivy, Call Me, Suburban Commando and Going Under, digitally mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, featuring liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, with the participation of the composer.

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