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The Dove - Expanded

The Dove - Expanded

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 313)

Release Date: March 30, 2015

Conducted by John Barry

Format: CD

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1. 1974 ALBUM: The Dove (Main Title) 3:05
2. Sail The Summer Winds (lyrics: Don Black, vocals: Lyn Paul) 3:11
3. Hitch-Hike To Darwin 2:14
4. Patty And Robin 2:20
5. Here There Be Dragons 3:09
6. Mozambique 2:16
7. The Motorbike And The Dove 1:24
8. Xing'mombila 2:10
9. Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea 3:52
10. Porpoise Escort 2:31
11. After The Fire 1:50
12. Sail The Summer Winds (lyrics: Don Black, vocals: Lyn Paul) 2:21
13. The Dove (End Title) 1:55
14. STEREO ALBUM MIXES (NO EFX): Xing'mombila Part 1 (No EFX) 0:25
15. Xing'mombila Part 2 (No EFX) 0:33
16. The Dove (End Title) (No EFX) 1:49
18. Rotten Cat 0:20
19. Starting Again 2:28
20. Near Miss 0:22
21. From The Depths 2:17
22. Unknown Seas 1:12
23. Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea (Complete) 5:00
24. His Decision 3:11
  Total Album Time: 51:09

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From the Manufacturer

For the 1974 Paramount film The Dove, composer John Barry composed a carefree, breezy score to follow the adventures of a boy sailing around the world. The choppy waters of rumbling marimbas over a dark, low bass note lead into a serene, cyclical guitar figure (infused with an appropriately '70s spirit) that propels the main title—a romantic, lyrical string theme that sails through the film's dramatic, episodic voyage. Punctuated with glinting French horn phrases, the theme glides with an elegant, unflagging energy—upbeat in mood, with moments of typical Barry melancholy. The score's other major theme is first presented as a song, "Sail The Summer Winds," which Barry wrote with longtime James Bond lyricist Don Black. Sung by English pop singer Lyn Paul, the song is an ode to youthful exploration and the hippie spirit.

To present John Barry's beautiful music for The Dove, Intrada—after some years of digging—located the unmixed eight-channel scoring session takes for the soundtrack album that first appeared on the ABC label in 1974 and were thought to be lost. Having these masters allowed us to recreate Barry's original mix but with greater clarity than before, as well as presenting the two tracks that included sound effects without those effects as bonus tracks. Intrada was also given access to the original mono music stems vaulted at Paramount Pictures, allowing for the inclusion of eight additional, previously unreleased John Barry cues, totaling another 16 minutes.

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