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The Funhouse

The Funhouse

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 484)

Release Date: January 24, 2023

Conducted by John Beal

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Funhouse Theme (Main Title) 5:50
2. God Is Watching 1:12
3. Embryo 1:58
4. No Escape 1:31
5. Crystal Ball 0:16
6. Scary Stuff 0:21
7. All Alone No. 1 1:31
8. Too Serious 1:11
9. Zena Dies 1:47
10. Bad Idea 3:07
11. The Unmasking 1:21
12. No Place To Be 1:50
13. Hang-Up 0:33
14. Hatchet Job 1:19
15. Liz And The Knife 3:13
16. The Last Of Liz 0:55
17. Losing Battle 4:54
18. Manic Montage 2:29
19. Monster Mashed 5:00
20. All Alone No. 2 0:54
21. Funhouse Theme (End Title) 1:32
22. THE EXTRAS: Funhouse Theme (Alternate Main Title) 2:41
23. Carousel March 2:50
24. Carousel Waltz 2:54
25. Merry-Go-Rag 1:47
26. Zena's Zingaresa 2:27
27. Eatery Source 3:24
28. Stripper Source 2:26
29. Tee-And-A-Tease 4:46
30. Organ Loop #9 2:34
31. Dementia Rag 1:02
32. Cockeyed Calliope (John Berkman) 5:19
33. Funhouse Theme (End Title Alternate Take) 1:31
  Total Album Time: 76:25

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada announces the premiere release of John Beal's impressive score for the 1981 Universal horror film The Funhouse. Although the film capitalizes on the horror craze started by Halloween several years earlier, it did not follow suit in its approach to scoring. Whereas the earlier film featured a legendary electronic score, The Funhouse's executive producer Mace Neufeld insisted that a largely orchestral approach was warranted. The orchestra mixed with some electronics brings a sophisticated depth to this early entry in the slasher film genre. While the score starts unassumingly with a simple piccolo solo representing the kernel of Beal's main theme, the mood is quickly shattered by an orchestral slashing gesture before transitioning to the other major theme the carousel waltz. The score culminates in a full-blown passacaglia of sorts as the action in the funhouse comes to a head.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the score, with the composer receiving letters from around the world for decades. For this release, Intrada obtained the original 24-track session elements stored at Universal, allowing the composer to oversee a new mix, highlighting details and a stereo image never before heard.

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