Renowned Scottish composer confirmed his presence at the Fourth Conference

Patrick Doyle, renowned film music composer, especially for his collaborations with actor / director Kenneth Branagh, will attend the Fourth Congress that will be held july next year. His most recent films include its new collaborations with Branagh in \"Sleuth\" and \"As You Like it\", and also his work on the epics \"The Last Legion\" and \"Eragon\".

But probably among its best-known titles are his work in the saga of Harry Potter for \"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire\", and, of course, his previous collaboration with director Kenneth Branagh, in films such as \"Hamlet\", \"Frankenstein\", \"Henry V\" and \"Much Ado About Nothing\".

But the list of great scores does not end there. Among those that we could mention are \"The Little Princess\" (for which he received the award from the Critics’ Association of Los Angeles for Best Score in 1995), \"Sense and Sensibility\" (with \"Hamlet\", his second Oscar nomination),\" Great Expectations\", \"Donnie Brasco\", \"Carlito’s Way\", \"Needful Things\" and many others.