BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the release of Star Trek: Music from the Video Games, available digitally on Tuesday, June 4 and in stores and from the week of July 9, 2013. The recording was produced, arranged, and performed by Dominik Hauser.

The Star Trek universe extends much further than a simple 1960s TV series that lasted a mere three seasons. It is a movement unto itself, spawning three television sequels and one prequel, an animated series and several film series. One of the lesser-known ends of this universe are the video games which get the star treatment with this new collection from BuySoundtrax.

"Perhaps the greatest intersection between the Star Trek series and movies and the contemporary popular culture has been seen in the video games based on the Star Trek universe," said Randall D. Larson in the liner notes for this collection. "Games have not only borrowed the concepts and characters from Star Trek, but have extended storylines and created wholly new adventures unique to the interactive world of gaming, in which players become actively involved in simulated storylines, battle action, and alien environments rather than just watching the story unfold outside of oneself."

Featured in this new collection is music from Star Trek: Online (Kevin Manthei), Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (Ron Jones), Star Trek: Starfleet Command (Ron Jones), Star Trek: Starfleet Command III (Danny Pelfrey), Star Trek: Legacy (Rod Abernethy), Star Trek: Armada II (Danny Pelfrey), Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation (Steven Scherer), Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force (Danny Pelfrey), Star Trek: Away Team (Danny Pelfrey), Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard (Roland Rizzo), Star Trek: Klingon (Gregory Smith), Star Trek: Bridge Commander (Jerry Goldsmith's theme), and a full sixteen tracks from Star Trek: Borg (Dennis McCarthy and Kevin Kiner)

Originally from Switzerland, Producer Dominik Hauser received his education at the Jazz School St. Gallen in Switzerland, earning a masters degree in music. In 1996 Hauser relocated to Los Angeles, to attend UCLA where he delved deeply into film scoring. Subsequently he took his skills to the realm of indie cinema and began composing for film. Hauser's work involves him in a variety of projects, including cinema, theater and video games. Recently Hauser completed arranging and orchestration on the restoration of the first Best Picture Academy Award-winner Wings for the 2012 Paramount Picture centennial celebration. His work for the record label BSX includes The Bounty, Scrooge, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hauser recently published his fourth book, Soloing for Bass.