Several composer assignments were announced this week including for The Right Kind of Wrong (Rachel Portman), Old Boy (Michael Nyman), and How to Catch a Monster (Johnny Jewel). For a full list of this week's composer and music supervisor assignments, click here.

We are tracking a hefty 41 new soundtrack releases for the week. The full schedule of current and upcoming soundtracks is always located at:

The To-Do List (music by Raney Shockne) and The Wolverine (music by Marco Beltrami) open nationwide today. The Way, Way Back (music by Rob Simonsen) expands nationwide from its previous limited release. For the full theatrical schedule, click here.

Among all new theatrical releases, we are tracking song credits for:
- The To-Do List (42 songs)
- The Wolverine (12 songs)
- Blue Jasmine (20 songs)
- The Way, Way Back (24 songs)
- The Time Being (4 songs)