Composer, Songwriter and Music Producer Vince Emmett is proud to announce the release of The Song - Music from the Motion Picture soundtrack by Capitol Records on September 16, 2014.

The original album includes original songs penned and produced by Emmett, featuring "The Song-Awaken Love", performed by the film's Alan Powell (of Anthem Lights), "Prayer in Open D", performed by Emmylou Harris and a new version of The Byrds classic "Turn! Turn! Turn!" performed by Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris and Roger McGuinn. In addition to co-writing several of the songs, Emmett wrote the original score for the film.

"I wanted to bring in the best of the best, but more than anything I wanted this music to be authentic and believable," said Emmett. "I took every chance I could to bring in award-winning roots songwriters who could capture the story of THE SONG and translate it into passionate lyrics and memorable melodies."

The Song follows aspiring singer-songwriter Jed King (Alan Powell of Anthem Lights) as he struggles to catch a break and escape the long shadow of his father, a country music legend. After reluctantly accepting a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival, Jed is love-struck by the vineyard owner's daughter, Rose (Ali Faulkner), and a romance quickly blooms. Soon after their wedding, Jed writes Rose "The Song," which becomes a breakout hit. Thrust into a life of stardom and a world of temptation in the form of fellow performer Shelby Bale (Caitlin Nicol-Thomas), Jed's life and marriage begin to fall apart, proving even the wisest of men is a fool for love.

"Vince played an absolutely pivotal role in finding Jed's voice and artistry," said Powell. "I didn't walk in knowing exactly who Jed ought to be or what he ought to sound like. Vince was very patient providing me the perfect blend of creative freedom and artistic guidelines. He knew exactly the right kind of artistic references and style to really bring Jed to life in the studio which ultimately very much informed the overall character."

"Vince had a clear-cut vision of the characters and the music on The Song and he made it all happen. You know you're working with a true professional when they give their input AND listen to your input and ideas and respect them," said the film's Nicol-Thomas. "He pushed me as a singer, a fiddler player and a person. There are some things I do vocally in the song, Confetti that I didn't even know I was capable of!"

Samuel Goldwyn Films and City On a Hill Studio present The Song in theaters on September 26, 2014.