Announced this week were new composer assignments for Neil Davidge (A Hundred Streets), Mychael Danna (The Good Dinosaur), Carter Burwell (The Finest Hours), among many others. For the full list of composer and music supervisor assignments from this week, click here..

There were 43 new soundtrack albums released this week. Click here for the full schedule.

Opening nationwide this week are (with music by): Poltergeist (Marc Streitenfeld) and Tomorrowland (Michael Giacchino).

Among all new theatrical releases, we are tracking song credits for:
- Poltergeist (4 songs)
- Tomorrowland (6 songs)
- Aloft (7 songs)
- Sunshine Superman (16 songs)

Finally, the following composers will be celebrating an upcoming birthday:
- Monday: Trevor Morris (The Pillars of the Earth) will turn 45.
- Friday: Danny Elfman (Batman) will turn 62.