Varèse Sarabande announces the release of their latest CD Club title, Fimucité 6: Universal Pictures 100th Anniversary Gala on CD July 27, 2015. The 2-CD limited edition set (3000 units) retails for $19.98, and features live concert performances of celebrated films from the history of Universal Pictures including music from horror favorites Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman and The Mummy, award-winning films including A Beautiful Mind, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Fried Green Tomatoes and On Golden Pond, and family fare like The Lorax and An American Tail.

In 2012 the Fimucité festival in Tenerife, Spain, (one of the most important and prestigious film music festivals in the world) was selected as the location for the official Universal Pictures 100th Anniversary concert celebrating the studio's illustrious history of great film music. "Almost everything was a world premiere concert performance," said producer Robert Townson in the liner notes. "To add even more iconic Universal Pictures scores, we've included a special Bonus Tracks section featuring Universal classics that have been performed in past Fimucité concerts including Alex North's Spartacus, John Williams' Jaws, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List, John Barry's Out of Africa and James Newton Howard's King Kong."

"I am as awestruck by the Fimucité festival for this incredible celebration of Universal's musical legacy as I am proud to be the current guardian of it," said Mike Knobloch, the President of Film Music and Publishing for Universal Pictures. "Bravo for a concert performance that will live on along with the legendary films that inspired it."

Townson added, "Finishing this CD in the days following the tragic death of James Horner reminded us how important he was to this studio as we featured over twenty minutes of the composer's music in this concert, including Field of Dreams, An American Tail and A Beautiful Mind."

Fimucité 9 takes place this week in the Canary Islands and will perform the concert 'Back In Time... 1985 at the Movies' as its closing gala on July 11.