Announced this week were new composer assignments for Bruce Broughton & Joel McNeely (Orville), Christophe Beck (Anon), Laurent Eyquem (Nostalgia), among many others. For the full list of composer and music supervisor assignments from this week, click here.

Over 25 new soundtrack albums were released this week. Click here for the full schedule.

Opening in theaters nationwide this weekend is (with music by): Born in China (Barnaby Taylor), Free Fire (Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury), Phoenix Forgotten (Mondo Boys), The Promise (Gabriel Yared) and Unforgettable (Toby Chu). Expanding nationwide from its limited release last week is James Gray's The Lost City of Z (Christopher Spelman).

Among all new theatrical releases, we are tracking song credits for:
- Born in China (3 songs)
- Free Fire (5 songs)
- The Lost City of Z (12 songs)
- Unforgettable (12 songs)
- Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent (2 songs)
- NOLA Circus (22 songs)
- Ozzy (2 songs)
- The Student (2 songs)

The following composers are celebrating their birthdays within the next week:
- Steven Price (Gravity, Suicide Squad) is turning 40 on Saturday, April 22
- Patrick Williams (Columbo, The Streets of San Francisco) is turning 78 on Sunday, April 23.
- Francis Lai (Love Story, A Man and a Woman) is turning 85 on Wednesday, April 26.
- Giorgio Moroder (Scarface, Flashdance) is turning 77 on April 26.