Intrada follows its earlier Kickstarter campaign for Dial M for Murder with a proposal to record two Jerry Goldsmith scores. Due to his popularity, nearly every film score Goldsmith composed has been released in some form. But at least two works remain unreleased for the simple reason that the original recordings are missing. One is his first theatrical film, the western Black Patch from 1957. The second is The Man from 1972, about America's first black president. These are noticeable gaps in his discography and the only way to fill those gaps is through new recordings of the scores.

Leigh Phillips is reconstructing both - Black Patch from Jerry Goldsmith's own surviving score and The Man from the film print. Leigh was essential in our presentation of Jerry Goldsmith's 1977 score for Damnation Alley, having re-performed the missing electronic overlays that allowed us to present the entire score back in 2017.

William T. Stromberg, veteran of numerous classic film score recordings for both the Marco Polo label and his own Tribute Film Classics label, follows up on his magnificent and authentic interpretation of Dimitri Tiomkin's Dial M For Murder score by again stepping up to the podium and leading the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in this splendid new performance of two Jerry Goldsmith film scores from Intrada!

We propose to record this album in the fall, but can't do it without your help, so please support our Kickstarter campaign. Check out this link for videos, audio samples, background and a way to contribute.