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Victor Young

August 8, 1900
Chicago, Illinois
November 10, 1956
Palm Springs, California, USA

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1957  China Gate
 Omar Khayyam*
 Run Of The Arrow*
 The Buster Keaton Story
1956  Around the World in 80 Days*
 The Brave One*
 The Conqueror
 The Maverick Queen
 The Proud And The Profane^
 The Vagabond King
1955  A Man Alone
 Son of Sinbad
 Strategic Air Command*
 The Left Hand Of God*
 The Tall Men*
1954  About Mrs. Leslie
 Drum Beat
 Flight Nurse
 Johnny Guitar*
 Jubilee Trail
 The Country Girl
 Three Coins in the Fountain*
1953  A Perilous Journey
 Fair Wind To Java
 Forever Female^
 Little Boy Lost^
 The Sun Shines Bright^
 Trouble With The Glen
1952  The Greatest Show On Earth^
 Anything Can Happen
 Blackbeard, The Pirate
 One Minute To Zero
 Something To Live For
 The Quiet Man*
 The Star
 The Story Of Will Rogers
1951  A Millionaire For Christy
 Appointment with Danger*
 Belle Le Grand
 My Favorite Spy^
 Payment On Demand
 The Bullfighter And The Lady
 The Lemon Drop Kid
 The Wild Blue Yonder
1950  Bright Leaf^
 Gun Crazy (Deadly Is The Female)
 Our Very Own
 Paid In Full
 Rio Grande*
 September Affair*
 The Fireball
1949  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
 Chicago Deadline
 My Foolish Heart
 Samson And Delilah*
 Sands Of Iwo Jima*
 Song Of Surrender
 Streets Of Laredo
 The File On Thelma Jordan (Thelma Jordan)
1948  Beyond Glory
 Dream Girl
 Miss Talock's Millions
 So Evil My Love
 State Of The Union
 The Accused*
 The Big Clock
 The Emperor Waltz
 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
 The Paleface
1947  Calcutta
 Golden Earrings*
 I Walk Alone^
 Suddenly, It's Spring
 The Imperfect Lady
 The Trouble With Women
1946  Our Hearts Were Growing Up
 The Blue Dahlia
 The Searching Wind
 To Each His Own
 Two Years Before The Mast
1945  A Medal For Benny
 Hold That Blonde
 Love Letters
 Masquerade In Mexico
 The Great John L.
 You Came Along
1944  And Now Tomorrow
 Frenchman's Creek
 Ministry Of Fear
 Practically Yours
 The Great Moment
 The Story Of Dr. Wassell
 The Uninvited^
 The Univited
1943  Buckskin Frontier
 For Whom the Bell Tolls*
 No Time For Love
 The Crystal Ball
 The Outlaw
 True To Life
 Young And Willing
1942  Beyond The Blue Horizon
 Flying Tigers
 Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch
 Reap The Wild Wind
 Silver Queen
 Take A Letter, Darling
 The Forrest Rangers
 The Glass Key
 The Great Man's Lady
 The Palm Beach Story
 The Remarkable Andrew
1941  Aloma of the South Seas
 Caught In The Draft
 Hold Back The Dawn
 I Wanted Wings
 Reaching for the Sun
1940  Arise, My Love
 Buck Benny Rides Again
 Dark Command
 I Want A Divorce
 Moon Over Burma
 Northwest Mounted Police
 The Mad Doctor
 The Way of All Flesh
 Three Faces West
 Three Men from Texas
1939  Fisherman's Wharf
 Golden Boy
 Gulliver's Travels^
 Heritage Of The Desert
 Man Of Conquest
 Our Neighbors - The Carters
 Range War
 The Light That Failed
 The Llano Kid
 The Night Of Nights
 Way Down South
1938  Army Girl
 Breaking The Ice
 Flirting With Fate
 Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus
 The Big Broadcast of 1938
1937  Champagne Waltz
 Ebb Tide
 Maid Of Salem
 Swing High, Swing Low
 Vogues (Vogues of 1938)
 Wells Fargo
1936  Anything Goes
 Heart of the West
 Klondike Annie
1932  The Signs of the Cross
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