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Victor Young

August 8, 1900
Chicago, Illinois
November 10, 1956
Palm Springs, California, USA

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[1957]  China Gate
 Omar Khayyam*
 Run Of The Arrow*
 The Buster Keaton Story
[1956]  Around the World in 80 Days*
 The Brave One*
 The Conqueror
 The Maverick Queen
 The Proud And The Profane^
 The Vagabond King
[1955]  A Man Alone
 Son of Sinbad
 Strategic Air Command*
 The Left Hand Of God*
 The Tall Men*
[1954]  About Mrs. Leslie
 Drum Beat
 Flight Nurse
 Johnny Guitar*
 Jubilee Trail
 The Country Girl
 Three Coins in the Fountain*
[1953]  A Perilous Journey
 Fair Wind To Java
 Forever Female^
 Little Boy Lost^
 The Sun Shines Bright^
 Trouble With The Glen
[1952]  The Greatest Show On Earth^
 Anything Can Happen
 Blackbeard, The Pirate
 One Minute To Zero
 Something To Live For
 The Quiet Man*
 The Star
 The Story Of Will Rogers
[1951]  A Millionaire For Christy
 Appointment with Danger*
 Belle Le Grand
 My Favorite Spy^
 Payment On Demand
 The Bullfighter And The Lady
 The Lemon Drop Kid
 The Wild Blue Yonder
[1950]  Bright Leaf^
 Gun Crazy (Deadly Is The Female)
 Our Very Own
 Paid In Full
 Rio Grande*
 September Affair*
 The Fireball
[1949]  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
 Chicago Deadline
 My Foolish Heart
 Samson And Delilah*
 Sands Of Iwo Jima*
 Song Of Surrender
 Streets Of Laredo
 The File On Thelma Jordan (Thelma Jordan)
[1948]  Beyond Glory
 Dream Girl
 Miss Talock's Millions
 So Evil My Love
 State Of The Union
 The Accused*
 The Big Clock
 The Emperor Waltz
 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
 The Paleface
[1947]  Calcutta
 Golden Earrings*
 I Walk Alone^
 Suddenly, It's Spring
 The Imperfect Lady
 The Trouble With Women
[1946]  Our Hearts Were Growing Up
 The Blue Dahlia
 The Searching Wind
 To Each His Own
 Two Years Before The Mast
[1945]  A Medal For Benny
 Hold That Blonde
 Love Letters
 Masquerade In Mexico
 The Great John L.
 You Came Along
[1944]  And Now Tomorrow
 Frenchman's Creek
 Ministry Of Fear
 Practically Yours
 The Great Moment
 The Story Of Dr. Wassell
 The Uninvited^
 The Univited
[1943]  Buckskin Frontier
 For Whom the Bell Tolls*
 No Time For Love
 The Crystal Ball
 The Outlaw
 True To Life
 Young And Willing
[1942]  Beyond The Blue Horizon
 Flying Tigers
 Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch
 Reap The Wild Wind
 Silver Queen
 Take A Letter, Darling
 The Forrest Rangers
 The Glass Key
 The Great Man's Lady
 The Palm Beach Story
 The Remarkable Andrew
[1941]  Aloma of the South Seas
 Caught In The Draft
 Hold Back The Dawn
 I Wanted Wings
 Reaching for the Sun
[1940]  Arise, My Love
 Buck Benny Rides Again
 Dark Command
 I Want A Divorce
 Moon Over Burma
 Northwest Mounted Police
 The Mad Doctor
 The Way of All Flesh
 Three Faces West
 Three Men from Texas
[1939]  Fisherman's Wharf
 Golden Boy
 Gulliver's Travels^
 Heritage Of The Desert
 Man Of Conquest
 Our Neighbors - The Carters
 Range War
 The Light That Failed
 The Llano Kid
 The Night Of Nights
 Way Down South
[1938]  Army Girl
 Breaking The Ice
 Flirting With Fate
 Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus
 The Big Broadcast of 1938
[1937]  Champagne Waltz
 Ebb Tide
 Maid Of Salem
 Swing High, Swing Low
 Vogues (Vogues of 1938)
 Wells Fargo
[1936]  Anything Goes
 Heart of the West
 Klondike Annie
[1932]  The Signs of the Cross
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