Undetermined 1939 Releases

  6000 Enemies
  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  Another Thin Man
  At the Circus
  Babes in Arms
  Bad Little Angel
  Bars and Stripes Forever
  Beau Geste
  Believe It or Else
  The Big Guy
  Bridal Suite
  Broadway Serenade
  Buck Rogers
  Café Society
  Call a Messenger
  Calling All Marines
  Charlie McCarthy, Detective
  Cheer Boys Cheer
  Chicken Jitters
  The City
  Come On George
  Confessions of a Nazi Spy
  The Curious Puppy
  Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur
  Dancing Co-Ed
  Dangerous Dan McFoo
  Daredevils of the Red Circle
  Dark Victory
  Daughters Courageous
  A Day at the Zoo
  Day-Time Wife
  Destry Rides Again
  Detouring America
  Dick Tracy's G-Men
  Disputed Passage
  Dodge City
  Dog Gone Modern
  Drums Along The Mowhawk
  Dust Be My Destiny
  Each Dawn I Die
  Espionage Agent
  Everything Happens at Night
  Fagin's Freshman
  Fast And Furious
  Fighting Thouoghbreds
  The Film Fan
  First Love
  Fisherman's Wharf
  Forged Passport
  The Four Feathers
  Fresh Fish
  Frontier Marshall
  Gold Rush Daze
  Golden Boy
  Gone with the Wind
  The Good Egg
  Goodbye, Mr. Chips
  The Great Commandment
  Gulliver's Travels
  Gunga Din
  Hamateur Night
  Hare-um Scare-um
  Hawaiian Nights
  Heritage Of The Desert
  Hobo Gadget Band
  Holywood Cavalcade
  Home on the Prairie
  Hotel for Women
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  Idiot's Delight
  Indianapolis Speedway
  Invisible Stripes
  It's a Wonderful World
  It's an Ill Wind
  Jamaica Inn
  Jeepers Creepers
  Jesse James
  Joe and Ethel Curp Call on the President
  The Kansas Terrors
  The Kid from Kokomo
  Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
  La famille Duraton
  La Mode rêvée
  Lady Of The Tropics
  Land of the Midnight Fun
  The Light That Failed
  The Lion Has Wings
  Little Brother Rat
  Little Lion Hunter
  The Llano Kid
  The Lone Ranger Rides Again
  The Lone Stranger and Porky
  Love Affair
  Macao, l'enfer du jeu
  Man About Town
  The Man in the Iron Mask
  Man Of Conquest
  The Man They Could Not Hang
  Marshall of Mesa City
  Mickey the Kid
  Miracle on Main Street
  Mr. Moto's Last Warning
  Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
  Nancy Drew, Reporter
  Naughty But Mice
  Naughty Neighbors
  New Frontier
  Nick Carter: Master Detective
  The Night Of Nights
  The Night Riders
  No Place to Go
  Of Mice and Men
  Off the Record
  The Oklahoma Kid
  Old Glory
  The Old Maid
  On Borrowed Time
  On Your Toes
  Only Angels Have Wings
  Our Leading Citizen
  Our Neighbors - The Carters
  Pack Up Your Troubles
  Pied Piper Porky
  Polar Pals
  Porky and Teabiscuit
  Porky the Giant Killer
  Porky's Hotel
  Porky's Movie Mystery
  Porky's Picnic
  Porky's Tire Trouble
  Prest-O Change-O
  The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
  The Rains Came
  Range War
  The Real Glory
  Return of the Cisco Kid
  Rhythm Romance
  Robinhood Makes Good
  Rough Riders' Round-up
  Scalp Trouble
  Screwball Football
  Second Fiddle
  The Secret Four
  She Married a Cop
  Shoud Husbands Work?
  Sioux Me
  Sky Patrol
  Smuggled Cargo
  Sniffles and the Bookworm
  Snowman's Land
  Society Lawyer
  Son Of Frankenstein
  The Spy In Black
  St. Louis Blues
  Stanley And Livingstone
  A Stolen Life
  Stop, Look and Love
  Stronger Than Desire
  The Sun Never Sets
  Tatakau Heitai
  There Ain't No Justice
  There's That Woman Again
  They Made Me A Criminal
  They Met on Skis
  They Shall Have Music
  The Three Musketeers
  Three Texas Steers
  Thugs with Dirty Mugs
  Thunder Afloat
  Tower of London
  Way Down South
  We Are Not Alone
  Wife, Husband and Friend
  Wise Quacks
  The Wizard of Oz
  The Women
  Wuthering Heights
  Wyoming Outlaw
  Young Mr. Lincon
  Zorro's Fighting Legion

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