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Undetermined 1940 Releases

  Adventure in Diamonds
  Adventures of Red Ryder
  Africa Squeaks
  Ali-Baba Bound
  All This and Heaven Too
  Angels Over Broadway
  Arise, My Love
  The Bear's Tale
  Beating Heart (Battement de coeur)
  Bedtime for Sniffles
  The Big Blockade
  The Biscuit Eater
  Black Friday
  Blondie Has Servant Trouble
  Blondie on a Budget
  The Blue Bird
  Boom Town
  Bowery Boy
  Brigham Young
  Britain at Bay
  British Intelligence
  Broadway Melody of 1940
  Brother Orchid
  Brother Rat and a Baby
  Buck Benny Rides Again
  Busy Bakers
  Calling Dr. Porky
  The Captain Is a Lady
  Castle on the Hudson
  Ceiling Hero
  Chad Hannah
  The Chewin' Bruin
  Circus Today
  City For Conquest
  Comrade X
  Confederate Honey
  Congo Maisie
  The Courageous Dr. Christian
  Covered Wagon Days
  Cross Country Detours
  Dance, Girl, Dance
  Dancing on a Dime
  Dark Command
  De la ferraille l'acier victorieux
  Dead Men Tell
  A Dispatch from Reuters
  Dr. Erlich's Magic Bullet
  Drums of Fu Manchu
  The Early Worm Gets the Bird
  East of the River
  Edison, the Man
  The Egg Collector
  Elmer's Candid Camera
  Flight Command
  Flight from Destiny
  Flowing Gold
  Foreign Correspondent
  Four Sons
  Four Wives
  A Gander at Mother Goose
  Gangs of Chicago
  The Gay Vagabond
  Ghost Wanted
  Girl from Havana
  Go West
  Good Night Elmer
  The Grapes of Wrath
  The Great Dictator
  The Great McGinty
  The Great Profile
  The Hardship of Miles Standish
  He Married His Wife
  Heores of the Saddle
  Hired Wife
  Hit Parade of 1941
  Holiday Highlights
  The House Across the Bay
  The House of Seven Gables
  Hudson's Bay
  I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
  I Love You Again
  I Take This Woman
  I Want A Divorce
  I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now
  In Old Missouri
  The Invisible Man Returns
  Johnny Apollo
  Keeping Company
  King of the Lumberjacks
  Kit Carson
  Konga the Wild Stallion
  Ladu With Red Hair
  The Leather Pushers
  Legion Of The Lawless
  Let George Do It
  The Letter
  Lillian Russell
  Little Blabbermouse
  Little Old New York
  Little Orvie
  Love Thy Neighbor
  Lucky Cisco Kid
  Lucky Devils
  Lucky Partners
  The Mad Doctor
  Malibu Beach Party
  The Man from Dakota
  The Man I Married
  The Man Who Talked Too Much
  Manhattan Heartbeat
  The Mark Of Zorro
  Melody Ranch
  Men of the Lightship
  Mexican Spitfire
  Mighty Hunters
  Moon Over Burma
  The Mortal Storm
  The Mummy's Hand
  My Little Chickadee
  My Love
  My Love Came Back
  Mysterious Doctor Satan
  New Moon
  No, No, Nanette
  Northwest Mounted Police
  Northwest Passage
  Of Fox and Hounds
  On The Night Of The Fire
  One Night in the Tropics
  And One Was Beautiful
  Our Town
  Patient Porky
  The Philadelphia Story
  Pier 13
  Pilgrim Porky
  Pioneers of the West
  Porky's Baseball Broadcast
  Porky's Hired Hand
  Porky's Last Stand
  Porky's Poor Fish
  Prehistoric Porky
  Pride and Prejudice
  The Proud Valley
  The Quarterback
  The Ragtime Cowboy
  Remember the Night
  Return to Yesterday
  Rocky Mountain Rangers
  Romance and Rhythm
  Saloon Bar
  Santa Fe Trail
  Saturday's Children
  The Sea Hawk
  Second Chorus
  Seven Sinners
  Shop Look & Listen
  Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot
  Sky Murder
  Slap Happy Pappy
  Sniffles Takes a Trip
  So You Won't Talk
  The Son of Monte Cristo
  The Sour Puss
  South to Karanga
  Sporting Blood
  Spring Parade
  Stage Fright
  Star Dust
  Storm Warning
  Strange Cargo
  Susan and God
  Ten Days In Paris
  Texas Terrors
  They Drive By Night
  They New What They Wanted
  The Thief of Bagdad
  Three Cheers for the Irish
  Three Faces West
  Three Men from Texas
  The Timid Toreador
  Tom Thumb in Trouble
  Too Many Girls
  Torrid Zone
  The Trail Blazers
  Trinity House
  Tugboat Annie Sails Again
  Two Gun Sheriff
  Under Texas Skies
  Vigil In The Night
  Virginia City
  Wacky Wildlife
  Waterloo Bridge
  The Way of All Flesh
  We Who Are Young
  The Westerner
  When The Daltons Rode
  Who Killed Aunt Maggie?
  A Wild Hare
  Women in War
  You Ought to Be in Pictures
  You're Not So Tough
  Young Buffalo Bill
  Young Man's Fancy
  Young Tom Edison
  Youth Will Be Served

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