December 1980 (view details)

12/5Flash Gordon
Stir Crazy
12/199 to 5
12/25Altered States

Undetermined 1980 Releases

  5% de risque
  Act of God
  Act of Love
  All God's Children
  Angel City
  Any Which Way You Can
  The Apple
  Arabische Nachte
  Arrivano i bersaglieri
  B.C. Rock (The Missing Link)
  Baby Comes Home
  Bad Timing / A Sensual Obsession
  The Baltimore Bullet
  Battle Beyond the Stars
  The Bead of One Rosary
  Below the Belt
  The Beneficiary
  Beyond Evil
  The Big Brawl (Battle Creek Brawl)
  The Big Red One
  The Black Marble
  Black Orgasm (Orgasmo nero / Orgasmo negro / Sex and Black Magic)
  The Boogey Man
  The Boy Who Drank To Much
  Brave New World
  Bronco Billy
  Brothers And Sisters
  Buffet Froid (Cold Cuts)
  Cannibal Apocalypse (Apocalypse domani / Invasion of the Flesh Hunters)
  Cannibal Holocaust
  The Carpathian Eagle
  Catherine and I (Io e Caterina)
  Cést grand chez toi
  Chain Reaction
  A Change Of Seasons
  The Children
  The Children of an Lac
  Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out)
  City In Fear
  City of the Living Dead (The Gates of Hell / Paura nella cittŕ dei morti viventi)
  City of Women (La Citta Delle Donne)
  Cloud Dancer
  Coach Of The Year
  Coast to Coast
  The Competition
  The Constant Factor
  The Contender
  Contraband (Luca il contrabbandiere)
  The Contract
  Crime at Porta Romana (Delitto a Porta Romana)
  Cyborg 009: Legend of the Super Galaxy
  The Day Christ Died
  The Day of the Cobra (Il giorno del cobra)
  The Day The Women Got Even
  De Witte
  Defiant Delta
  Der Mann, der sich in Luft Auflöste
  Desparate Voyage
  Deutchland, Bleiche
  Die Laughing
  Disco of Love
  A Distant Cry from Spring
  The Dollar Bottom
  Dr. Franken
  Dr. Heckyl and Mr. Hype
  The Dream Merchants
  The Dream Never Dies
  The Earthling
  Eaten Alive! (Mangiati vivi!)
  Eden no sono (Giardino dell'Eden)
  Edward & Mrs. Simpson
  Eruption of Mount St. Helens!
  Ethel Is an Elephant
  Every Man For Himself (Sauve qui peut la vie)
  The Exterminator
  F.D.R. - The Last Year
  Fade To Black
  Fairfax's Millions
  Falling In Love Again
  The Falls
  Father Figure
  Fighting Back
  First Voyage (Premier voyage)
  The Flintstones' New Neighbors
  Foolin' Around
  Forbidden Zone
  The Formula
  A Fox Hunt
  Funeral Home
  Galactica III: Conquest of the Earth
  Gauguin the Savage
  Georges Dandin
  The Ghosts of Buxley Hall
  The Girl from Millelire Street
  The Gold Bug
  The Good Thief (Il ladrone)
  The Great American Traffic Jam (Gridlock)
  The Great Santini (The Ace)
  Grendel, Grendel, Grendel
  Guyana Tragedy: The Story Of Jim Jones
  Gypsy Angels
  Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
  Hangar 18
  Hardhat And Legs
  Hawk the Slayer
  The Hearse
  Heaven's Gate
  Hell of the Living Dead (Virus)
  The Henderson Monster
  Herbie Goes Bananas
  Hide In Plain Sight
  High Point
  High Tide
  Home Movies
  Homeward Bound
  The Hostage Tower
  Hot T-Shirts
  I Sent A Letter To My Love (Chere Inconnue)
  The Idolmaker
  If Things Were Different
  Il Banaito Dagli Occhi Azzurri
  Il bandito dagli occhi azzurri (The Blue-Eyed Bandit)
  In God We Trust
  Incubo sulla citta contaminata (Nightmare City)
  Inside Moves
  Inspector Blunder (Inspecteur la Bavure)
  The Island
  It's a Living
  It's My Turn
  It's Not Me, It's Him (C'est pas moi, c'est lui)
  Jane Austen In Manhattan
  The Jazz Singer
  Kazhdyj Tretji
  Kent State
  The King And The Mockingbird (Le roi et l'oiseau)
  King Crab
  L'argent du ministre
  La Banquiere
  La bestia nello spazio (The Beast in Space)
  La Boum
  La Dame Aux Camelias
  La femme enfant
  La Femme-Flic
  La terrazza
  La Vita Interiore
  The Lady Banker (La Banchiera)
  Lady Oscar
  The Last Hunter ( L'ultimo cacciatore)
  The Last Metro (Le dernier métro)
  The Last Outlaw
  The Lathe Of Heaven
  Le Guignolo
  Le Mandarin
  A Leap in the Dark
  The Legend of Alfred Packer
  Les Borsalini
  The Line
  Lion Of The Desert
  Little Darlings
  The Little Dragons
  The Little Mermaid
  Little Miss Marker
  The Living Planet
  The Long Riders
  Loving Couples
  Lunch Wagon
  Mafia: una legge che non perdona (The Iron Hand of the Mafia)
  Malice Aforethought
  Mama Dracula
  Mamma Dracula
  The Man with Bogart's Face
  The Man with the Carnation
  Marriage Is Alive and Well
  …Maybe This Time
  Men or Not Men (Uomini e no)
  Milano Odia: La Polizia Non Puo' Sparare
  Military Coup in Kolwezi
  Mom, the Wolfman and Me
  More Wild Wild West
  Mother And Daughter - The Loving War
  Mother's Day
  The Mountain Men
  Moviola: This Year's Blonde
  Murder By Phone (Bells)
  The Murder That Wouldn't Die
  My Bodyguard
  My Kidnapper, My Love
  Neil Simon's Seems Like Old Times (Seems Like Old Times)
  New Year's Evil
  Night of the Demon
  Nine To Five
  The Nude Bomb
  The Offenders
  Oh God! Book II
  On a vole la cuisse de Jupiter
  On the Nickel
  The Ordeal of Dr. Mudd
  Paradiso Blu
  A Perfect Match
  Personal Problems
  Pile ou face
  Pinocchio's Christmas
  Playing For Time
  The Plutonium Incident
  Poliziotto, solitudine e rabbia (The Rebel)
  Portrait Of A Rebel: Margaret Stranger
  Pray TV
  The Precarious Bank Teller (Rag. Arturo De Fanti bancario precario)
  Pride and Prejudice
  Private Benjamin
  The Promise Of Love
  Raging Bull
  Raise The Titanic
  Rascal Dazzle
  The Return
  The Return Of Frank Cannon
  The Return of the King
  Return Of The Secaucus Seven
  Revenge of The Stepford Wives
  Richard's Things
  Rise and Fall of Idi Amin
  Rough Cut
  A Rumor of War
  Saturn 3
  Scout's Honor
  The Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse
  Seaside Woman
  The Secret of Seagull Island
  Sesso nero
  Sex with the Stars
  The Shadow Box
  Shogun Assassin
  The Silent Lovers
  Smokey and the Bandit II
  Snails in the Head (Un escargot dans la tete)
  So Feared a Hell (El Infierno Tan Temido)
  Sophia Loren: Her Own Story
  The Space Movie
  Speed Driver
  Stardust Memories
  Stark System
  The Stunt Man
  Super Witch of Love Island (Brigade mondaine: Vaudou aux Caraibes)
  Sweet William
  Take It to the Limit
  The Telephone Bar (Le Bar du Télephone)
  The Tempest
  Tenspeed and Brown Shoe
  These Lips, Those Eyes
  This Age Without Pity
  Three Men to Kill (3 hommes a abattre)
  A Time for Miracles
  The Timeless Land
  Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
  Todo Modo
  Tom Horn
  The Top Of The Hill
  Touched By Love
  Toward the Terra
  Twelfth Night
  The Umbrella Coup (Le coup du parapluie)
  Un Sacco Bello
  Vacanze in Val Trebbia
  Vacanze per un massacro
  The Watcher in the Woods
  When Time Ran Out
  Wholly Moses
  Why Would I Lie?
  The Wild and the Free
  The Wildcats of St. Trinian's
  Wille and Phil
  Willie and Phil
  Witching Time
  Without Warning
  The Women's Room
  Yogi's First Christmas
  Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid
  Zombie Holocaust (Zombi Holocaust / Dr. Butcher, M.D.)

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