November 1996 (view details)

Bad Moon
Romeo + Juliet
The Mirror Has Two Faces
The English Patient
11/22Star Trek: First Contact
11/27101 Dalmatians
The Crucible
Sling Blade

December 1996 (view details)

The English Patient
Everyone Says I Love You
Mars Attacks!
The Preacher's Wife
Jerry Maguire
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
My Fellow Americans
The People vs. Larry Flynt
The Portrait of a Lady

Undetermined 1996 Releases

  High School High
  26 Summer Street
  364 Girls a Year
  A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs and Freedom
  The Abduction
  Absence Stronger Than Presence
  Acts of Love
  Adventures from the Book of Virtues
  The Adventures of Pinocchio
  After Jimmy
  Albino Alligator
  Alien Avengers
  Alien Nation: The Enemy Within
  Alien Terminator
  All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
  All She Ever Wanted
  Allas Wegen Robert De Niro
  The Almost Perfect Bank Robbery
  Alone in the Woods
  America's Dream
  American Buffalo
  Amityville: Dollhouse
  Angel Flight Down
  The Apartment (L'appartement)
  Apne Dam Par
  Apollo 11
  The Appointment
  At Full Gallop
  Babe Watch: Forbidden Parody
  The Babysitter's Seduction
  The Bachelor's Baby
  Back to Back: American Yakuza 2
  Backstabbed (Morkeleg)
  Bambai Ka Babu
  Barrage sur l'Orénoque
  Bastard Out of Carolina
  Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus
  Beaumarchais the Scoundrel
  Beautiful Girls
  Before and After
  Behind Enemy Lines
  The Best Job in the World (Le plus beau metier du monde)
  Beyond Silence
  Beyond the Garden
  The Big Easy
  The Big Squeeze
  The Birdcage
  The Bite
  Black Eyes
  Black Out
  Black Sheep
  Blacklist: Hollywood On Trial
  Blood Money
  Bloodsport 2
  Bloodsport 3
  Blossom Time
  The Blue Collar Worker and the Hairdresser in a Whirl of Sex and Politics (Metalmeccanico e parrucchiera in un turbine di sesso e politica)
  Blue Rodeo
  Blue Skies Are a Lie
  Born Free: A New Adventure
  Bottle Rocket
  Bounty Hunters
  Box of Moonlight
  The Boy from Mercury
  Boys Night Out
  Brassed Off
  Breaking Through
  Broken Arrow
  Broken Glass
  A Brother's Promise: The Dan Jansen Story
  Brothers in Trouble
  Buried Secrets
  Burn Your Phone
  Buy One, Get One Free
  Caged Fear
  Calm at Sunset
  Cannibal! - The Musical
  Carla's Song
  Carnosaur 3: Primal Species
  Carried Away
  A Case for Life
  The Celluloid Closet
  Celtic Pride
  Changes of Distance
  Charlotte Sophie Bentinck
  Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering
  Children of the Revolution
  Christmas Every Day
  Christmas in My Hometown
  The Christmas Tree
  The Churchills
  Citizen Ruth
  Closer and Closer
  Club V.R.
  Clubhouse Detectives
  Co-ed Call Girl
  Code Name: Wolverine
  Cold Lazarus
  Compagni di Branco
  Concrete Ambitions
  The Confidence Man
  The Conspiracy of Fear
  Corazón Iluminado
  Correre Contro
  Cosmic Voyage
  The Cottonwood
  Courage Under Fire
  The Craft
  Crazy Horse
  Crédit bonheur
  The Criminal Mind
  Crossing Over
  The Crowd Road
  The Crying Child
  Cuba Libre
  D'amour et d'eau salée
  D3: The Mighty Ducks
  Dalziel and Pascoe: An Advancement of Learning
  Dalziel and Pascoe: An Autumn Shroud
  The Danger Tree
  Danger Zone
  Dangerous Offender
  Dare to Love
  Dark Breed
  Dark Planet
  Darkman III: Die Darkman Die
  Das Erste Mal
  Das Tödliche Auge
  Dating the Enemy
  The Daytrippers
  Dead Ahead
  Dead Girl
  Deadly Voyage
  Death and the Compass
  Death Benefit
  Death Game
  Death in Therapy
  Deceptive Charm
  The Deliverance of Elaine
  Delphine 1, Yvan 0
  Demolition High
  The Demolitionist
  Demon in the Bottle
  The Dentist
  Départ Immédiat
  Der Pferdemörder
  Der Schattenmann
  Devil's Food
  Diamonds in the Rough
  Different for Girls
  A Different Kind of Christmas
  The Disappearance Of Garcia Lorca (Death in Granada)
  The Dog in the Manger
  Dopo la tempesta
  Double Jeopardy: The Killing Of Gina Marie
  Down Periscope
  Dumb Witness
  Dunston Checks In
  Earth (Tierra)
  El Perro del Hortelano
  Element of Dare
  The Emperor's Shadow
  The Empty Mirror
  Endless Escape
  Enter Achilles
  Entertaining Angels
  Escape Clause
  Escape from L.A.
  Eskimo Day
  Eternal Darkness
  The Evening Star
  Everything to Gain
  Evil Has a Face
  Extreme Measures
  Eye for an Eye
  An Eyewitness Account
  Face of Evil
  A Face to Die For
  Fairy Tales on Ice: Alice Through the Looking Glass
  Fall Into Darkness
  A Family Thing
  Far Harbor
  Feeling Minnesota
  Female Perversions
  Fight For 13
  Final Justice
  The Final Passage
  Finders, Keepers...
  First Kid
  Flirting with Disaster
  Flowers of the Forest
  Fly Away Home
  Follow Your Heart
  For Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
  For Hope
  For Life or Death
  For Love Alone: The Ivana Trump Story
  For My Daughter's Honor
  For the Future: The Irvine Fertility Scandal
  Forest Warrior
  Forgotten Sins
  Fox Hunt
  The Fragile Heart
  Frankenstein and Me
  Fried Crumbed Brains
  Friend of the Family 2
  A Friend's Betrayal
  The Frighteners
  Frog Crossing
  From Hare to Eternity
  The Funeral
  Galapagos: Beyond Darwin
  Gang in Blue
  Generation X
  Get on the Bus
  Ghost with Driver (Fantome avec Chauffeur)
  Ghosts of Mississippi
  The Girl
  The Golden Child
  Gone in a Heartbeat
  Good Luck
  Grace of My Heart
  Grand Avenue
  The Grave
  Gray's Anatomy
  The Great White Hype
  The Guardian Angel
  Hak hap
  Hard Eight
  Harrison: Cry of the City
  Have You Seen My Son?
  Head Above Water
  Head of the Family
  Hearst Castle: Building the Dream
  Her Costly Affair
  Her Desperate Choice
  Her Last Chance
  Hercule et Sherlock
  Hidden in Silence
  Hollow Reed
  Hometown Heroes
  Hommes, femmes: mode d'emploi
  Hostile Advances: The Kerry Ellison Story
  Hotel de Love
  House Arrest
  House of Shadows
  House of the Damned
  How Do You Spell God?
  Human Bomb
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  Hungry for You
  I magi randagi (We Free Kings)
  I Shot Andy Warhol
  I'm Crazy About Iris Blond (Sono pazzo di Iris Blond)
  If These Walls Could Talk
  Il Barone
  Ilona Arrives with the Rain
  In Cold Blood
  In Love and War
  In the Blink of an Eye
  Innocent Victims
  Intimate Relations
  Invasion of Privacy
  Irresistible Impulse
  The Island Of Dr. Moreau
  It Came from Outer Space II
  It's My Party
  Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance
  James and the Giant Peach
  Jane Eyre
  Jingle All the Way
  Joe's Apartment
  The Juror
  Just Friends
  Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
  Kids Return (Kizzu ritan)
  The Killing Jar
  Kinda Cute for a White Boy
  The King of Masks
  Kiss and Tell
  L' Insoumise
  L'Enfer Vert
  L'Îlle aux Secrets
  L'Ombre du Pharaon
  L5: First City in Space
  La Dame du Cirque
  La Ferme du crocodile
  La Frontiera
  La lupa
  La Mia Generazione
  La Poupée qui Tue
  La Salle d'attente
  La Signora della Città
  Labyrinth of the World
  Land and Freedom
  The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists
  Larger Than Life
  Larry & Steve
  Last Dance
  The Last Days of Frankie the Fly
  The Last Home Run
  The Late Shift
  Laura: The Rebel Years
  Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace
  Layin' Low
  Le Complot d'Aristote
  Le Cri de la soie
  Le Jaguar
  Le monachine (The Little Nuns)
  Le Propre de l'Homme
  Le Secret de Julia
  The Leading Man
  The Legend of Gator Face
  Leopard Son
  The Leopard Son
  Les Mésaventures d'Alfred le crapaud: Double mixte
  Les Mésaventures d'Alfred le crapaud: Mon prince charmant
  Les Mésaventures d'Alfred le crapaud: Roulette russe
  Les Sables mouvants
  Letters from the East
  Letting Go: A Hospice Journey
  Lily Dale
  The Limbic Region
  Little Faith
  The Little Riders
  Loch Ness
  London Suite
  Lone Star
  The Long Kiss Goodnight
  Looking for Bruce
  Looking for Richard
  The Loss of Innocence
  Louie n' Louie
  Love Always
  The Love Bug
  Love Is All There Is
  Lover's Knot
  Lucky Punch
  Luna e l'Altra
  Lust and Revenge
  Macabre Pair of Shorts
  Mamma, mi si e depresso papa
  The Man Who Captured Eichmann
  Manhattan Merengue!
  Manny And Lo
  The Mantis Murder
  Mariette in Ecstasy
  Marquis de Sade
  The Marriage Bed
  Marshal Law
  Marvin's Room
  Mary & Tim
  Mary Reilly
  Maternal Instincts
  Matt's Million
  Maximum Risk
  McLeod's Daughters
  Memphis PD: War on the Streets
  Men Behaving Badly
  Men, Women: A User's Manual
  Menno's Mind
  Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
  Mi Nombre es Sombra
  A Midsummer Night's Dream
  A Modern Affair
  Mojave Moon
  Moll Flanders
  A Moment of Romance III
  The Moonstone
  The Morrison Murders
  Mortal Challenge
  Mother Night
  A Mother's Instinct
  Moving Target
  Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  Mr. Stitch
  Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
  Mr. Wrong
  Mrs. Winterbourne
  Mulholland Falls
  Mummies: Tales from the Egyptian Crypts
  The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas
  Muppet Treasure Island
  My Father's Garden
  My Friend Joe
  My Very Best Friend
  The Mysterious Encounter
  Nach uns die Sintflut
  Necista Krv
  Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco - Chinatown
  Neil Simon's Jake's Women
  Nenette and Boni (Nenette et Boni)
  Neon Signs
  Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story
  Never Met Picasso
  New York Crossing
  Night of the Twisters
  No Greater Love
  No One Could Protect Her
  No One Would Tell
  North Star
  Not Love, Just Frenzy
  Notre-Dame de Paris
  The Nymph (Ninfa plebea)
  Oblivion 2: Backlash
  An Occasional Hell
  Odyssey of Life
  The Office
  The Ogre
  Ollie's Army
  Once a Thief
  One Fine Day
  One Good Turn
  The Other Side of Sunday (Sondagsengler)
  Our Friends in the North
  The Paget Show
  Painted Hero
  The Pallbearer
  Panic in the Skies!
  Panna Nikt
  The Peacock Spring
  The People Next Door
  Pepolino und der Schatz der Meerjungfrau
  The Perfect Daughter
  Phat Beach
  The Place of the Dead
  Poison Ivy II
  Poor But Beautiful (Giovani e belli)
  Portraits of Innocence
  Power 98
  Powers of Time
  Precious Find
  Prema Prayanam
  The Pretender
  Pretty Poison
  Prime Suspect 5: Errors of Judgement
  The Prince
  Profundo Carmesí
  Project GeeKeR
  Project: ALF
  A Promise to Carolyn
  Promised Land
  The Propietor
  Pros tin elefteria
  The Prosecutors
  Public Enemies
  Pullet Surprise
  Quack Pack
  Race Against Time: The Search for Sarah
  Race the Sun
  Radiant City
  Red Ribbon Blues
  Reef Encounter
  The Rich Man's Wife
  The Right to Remain Silent
  The Ring
  Riverdance: The New Show
  Robo Warriors
  The Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play
  The Rockford Files: If the Frame Fits…
  The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime
  Rolling Thunder
  A Royal Scandal
  Ruby Jean and Joe
  Samson and Delilah
  Santa Claws
  Scams, Schemes and Scoundrels
  Sealed with a Kiss
  The Searcher
  The Secret Agent
  The Secret Agent Club
  The Secret of Lizard Woman
  The Secret She Carried
  Select Hotel
  A Self-Made Hero (Un Héros Très Discret)
  Set It Off
  Seven Servants
  Sex & the Other Man
  Sgt. Bilko
  Shadow Warriors
  Sherlock, Louise and Mina
  Shooting Lily
  The Siege at Ruby Ridge
  The Silencers
  Sins of Silence
  Small Faces
  Snow White: A Tale of Terror
  Some Mother's Son
  Somebody Is Waiting
  Sophie and the Moonhanger
  Sorceress II: The Temptress
  Soul of the Game
  Space Jam
  Space Marines
  Space Truckers
  Special Effects: Anything Can Happen
  Special Report: Journey to Mars
  The Spell of the Yukon
  The Spitfire Grill
  Spy Hard
  Star Command
  Stealing Beauty
  Stella's Favor
  The Stendhal Syndrome (La sindrome di Stendhal)
  The Stepford Husbands
  Sticks and Stones
  Still Waters
  A Stranger to Love
  Strangled Lives (Vite strozzate)
  Strassen von Berlin
  Street Gun
  The Stupids
  Subliminal Seduction
  The Summer of Ben Tyler
  Summer of Fear
  A Summer's Tale (Conte d'ete)
  Sunset Park
  Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
  Supermarket Woman
  Survival Island
  Surviving Picasso
  Sweet Angel Mine
  Sweet Dreams
  Sweet Temptation
  The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries
  T2 3-D: Battle Across Time
  Tales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello Of Blood
  Tatort: Lockvögel
  Temptress Moon
  Terminal Rush
  Tesis (Thesis)
  That Thing You Do!
  Theodore Rex
  Thieves (Les Voleurs)
  A Thousand Cranes
  The Tide of Life
  A Time To Kill
  Time to Save
  Tin Cup
  To Brave Alaska
  To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
  To Love, Honor and Deceive
  Too Soon for Jeff
  Trees Lounge
  Tremors II: Aftershocks
  The Trigger Effect
  Trilogy of Terror II
  Trip Trap
  Trojan Eddie
  True Blue
  Truth or Dare
  Tu Nombre Envenena Mis Sueños
  Turning April
  Twelfth Night: Or What You Will
  Twilight Man
  Twisted Desire
  Two Days In The Valley
  Two If by Sea
  Two Mothers for Zachary
  The Ultimate Lie
  Un Divan A New York (A Couch In New York)
  Une Femme Explosive
  An Unexpected Family
  An Unfinished Affair
  Unlikely Angel
  Unpredictable Nature of the River (Les caprices d'un fleuve)
  Unwritten Law
  Uomo d'Acqua Dolce
  Up Close & Personal
  Urban Safari
  The Van
  Vice Academy 5
  Voice from the Grave
  Voices of 1846
  The War at Home
  The Wedding Tape
  A Weekend in the Country
  What A Day
  What Kind of Mother Are You?
  When Saturday Comes
  The Whispering
  White Squall
  The Whole Wide World
  Widow's Kiss
  Wild Australia: The Edge
  Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick
  The Wind In The Willows
  The Winner
  The Winner (Japanese Director's Cut)
  The Witch's Daughter
  Witness Against Hitler
  Wolves and Buffalo
  A Woman's Business
  Yesterday's Target
  Your Mind and Body
  Zarkorr! The Invader
  Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods
  Zone 39
  Ärzte: Dr. Vogt

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