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2 Days in the Valley - The Unused Score

2 Days in the Valley - The Unused Score


Release Date: June 12, 2012

Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Format: CD

Music By

Track Listing

1. Theme From "2 Days In The Valley" 2:29
2. The Arrival / Questions 2:53
3. Lee's Death 0:22
4. Dosmo's Theme 1:50
5. One Last Walk 0:55
6. 1982 Emmy Award 0:43
7. Roy's Minute / Helga's Minute 5:10
8. Teddy's Bad Reviews 1:01
9. Hello Dosmo 0:50
10. Becky And Helga 1:14
11. Dosmo And Mark 0:38
12. The Cemetery / Rapini 5:35
13. Becky Warms Up 0:57
14. Lights Out 1:56
15. We Are The Police / Alvin's Badge 3:40
16. Cigarette Pack / Valley Cops Killed 3:27
17. Hostage Negotiating 0:43
18. Hotel Room/Street Convergence / Teddy's Redemption / Becky Reaches For The Gold 6:42
19. Teddy And Audrey 2:47
20. Toupee Or Not Toupee / End Credits 3:07
  Total Album Time: 46:59

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From the Manufacturer

World premiere release of unused Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for quirky John Herzfeld crime thriller set in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, featuring dream-cast that includes Charlize Theron, James Spader, Teri Hatcher, Danny Aiello, Jeff Daniels, Marsha Mason, Eric Stoltz, Paul Mazursky. Multiple characters, numerous twists, turns in murder tale inspire Goldsmith to anchor score with overall theme for warm trumpet over reflective strings in "Chinatown" vein, associated with lonely Teddy. From there, composer touches on broad Italian color for Dosmo, sinister suspense for shady Lee, throbbing rhythmic ostinatos for impending action. When all is said and done, warm trumpet theme returns to bring score to perfectly satisfying close. Neat highlight: surrounded by cold, sliding strings, score has inspired use of chimes to reflect Lee's use of stopwatch to give victims one minute before death.

During post-production, Goldsmith's moody orchestral score was sadly dropped in favor of less-suspenseful, rock-oriented work by Anthony Marinelli. Goldsmith's unused score presented here direct from original two-track digital session mixes made by Bruce Botnick, courtesy of Paramount Pictures. Smoky booklet art design, informative notes by Jeff Bond complete handsome package. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.

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