Track Listing

1. Judge Dredd - Trailer (arr. John Beal) 0:55
2. Seven Days in May - Complete Score Suite (arr. Dominik Hauser, Drums: Kurt Walther) 11:29
3. FILM NOIR SUITE: Chinatown - End Credits (arr. Dominik Hauser, Trumpet: Roy Wiegand) 2:01
4. The Detective - The Dark Song (Solo Piano performed by Mark Northam) 3:02
5. Shamus - Main Title (Arr. Dominik Hauser) 3:38
6. Two Days in the Valley -Unused Main Theme (arr. Dominik Hauser, Trumpet: Roy Wiegand) 2:26
7. THRILLERS: The List of Adrian Messenger - Main Theme (arr. Chaz Grossman) 3:44
8. Sebastian - Comes The Night (arr. Dominik Hauser, Trumpet: Roy Wiegand) 2:38
9. The Vanishing - No Coffee (End Credits) (arr. Dominik Hauser, Piano: John Rosenber) 3:07
10. The Sum of All Fears - If We Could Remember (arr. Dominik Hauser) 3:29
11. LOST LOVE: A Patch of Blue - Main Theme (arr. Dominik Hauser, Trumpet: Roy Wiegand) 4:57
12. The Sand Pebbles -And We Were Lovers (arr. Dominik Hauser, Cello: Peggy Baldwin) 3:07
13. Players - Meant To Be (Love Theme) (Solo Piano performed by Mark Northam) 3:27
14. Papillon - Free As The Wind (arr. Dominik Hauser) 2:12
15. The Way West - Toccata for Solo Guitar (arr. Gregg Nestor) 2:50
16. Rio Lobo - Main Title (arr. Gregg Nestor) 2:47
17. Rio Conchos: Main Title (arr. Chuck Cirino) 2:35
18. Hollister: Brotherhood of the Gun - Main Theme (arr. Dominik Hauser, Trumpet, Roy Wiegand) 1:58
19. FLIGHTS OF FANTASY: Warlock: The Sentence (arr. Joohyun Park) 3:21
20. Psycho 2 - Main Theme (arr. Joohyun Park) 3:40
21. The Omen - The Piper Dreams (arr. Dominik Hauser) 2:54
22. The Illustrated Man - Main Title (arr. Dominik Hauser, Vocals: Katie Campbell) 3:07
23. Poltergeist - Carol Ann's Theme (arr. Dominik Hauser, Vocals: Katie Campbell) 3:21
  Total Album Time: 76:45

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From the Manufacturer

The Jerry Goldsmith Collection Vol. 1: Rarities features 23 tracks of new recordings of some of Goldsmith's rarely heard themes including a NEW recording of the score for Seven Days in May arranged by Dominik Hauser, the main title for Shamus, the composer's unused theme for the modern crime thriller 2 Days in the Valley, "Comes The Night" from the rarely screened spy thriller Sebastian, the theme from Rio Conchos in an exciting arrangement from composer Chuck Cirino, arranger Joohyun Park's fresh takes on Psycho II and Warlock, vocalist Katie Campbell's interpretation of the theme from The Illustrated Man, and "If We Could Remember", a song from one of the composer's final films, The Sum of All Fears. The Jerry Goldsmith Collection Vol. 1: Rarities also includes music from Shamus, Chinatown, The Detective, The List of Adrian Messenger, The Vanishing, A Patch of Blue, The Sand Pebbles, Players, The Omen, Papillon, Poltergeist and a new performance of the composer's Toccata for Solo Guitar performed by Gregg Nestor, who also performs on the main title for Rio Lobo.

Jon Burlingame writes, "this collection of newly recorded Goldsmith gems reminds us - as if we needed reminding! - that Jerry Goldsmith was not just a fine composer. He was a brilliant one, always serving the movie but at the same time creating music that could live apart from its celluloid origins. There was no one else quite like him."

The Jerry Goldsmith Collection Vol. 1: Rarities will also be released on compact disc as a limited edition release of 1500 units.

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