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The Sand Pebbles (2CDs)

The Sand Pebbles (2CDs)

Intrada (MAF 7116)

Release Date: December 13, 2011

Conducted by Lionel Newman

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Film Score
1. Overture 2:17
2. Main Title 2:56
3. Getting Acquainted 3:52
4. The San Pablo (previously unreleased) 1:02
5. Hello, Engine 1:24
6. Trial Run Part I (previously unreleased) 0:24
7. Trial Run Part II (previously unreleased) 0:22
8. Death Of A Coolie 0:57
9. Maily Appears 1:07
10. The Student 0:40
11. Repel Boarders 2:39
12. Chang-sha Dock 2:04
13. Death Of A Thousand Cuts 4:07
14. Not In Vain 0:59
15. Chang-sha (Entr'acte) 1:02
16. Unfriendly Welcome 0:53
17. My Secret 4:00
18. Jake And Shirley 4:22
19. A Matter Of Ideals 2:01
20. The Wedding 6:10
21. Coolies Jump Ship 1:50
22. Restless Months (contains music previously unreleased) 4:35
23. Frenchie's Death 2:18
24. Maily's Abduction 2:49
25. Worried Captain 0:33
26. Final Mission/Commence Firing 6:11
27. Fire Aft! 2:13
28. Almost Home Part I 1:46
29. Night Mission (previously unreleased) 0:34
30. The Sniper 0:58
31. End Title (Almost Home Part II) 0:59
32. Cast Credits (Almost Home Part III) 0:38
  Disc Time: 68:42
Disc 2: Additional Music
1. Overture (Original Version) 2:53
2. Trial Run - Part I (Alternate) (previously unreleased) 0:25
3. Trial Run - Part II (Alternate) (previously unreleased) 0:25
4. A Crushing Affair (Music & Effects) (previously unreleased) 1:35
5. Unfriendly Welcome (Alternate) (previously unreleased) 0:48
6. Jake And Shirley (Alternate Ending) (contains music previously unreleased) 0:49
7. Restless Months (Alternate) (previously unreleased) 4:37
8. Final Mission (Unedited) 3:36
9. Commence Firing (Alternate) (previously unreleased) 2:14
10. Almost Home (Edited Version) 3:01
11. Chinese Love Theme 2:27
12. And We Were Lovers (Exit Music) 2:39
13. SOURCE MUSIC: Toot Toot Tootsie (previously unreleased) 2:03
14. SOURCE MUSIC: Five Foot Two (previously unreleased) 1:25
15. SOURCE MUSIC: Stumbling (previously unreleased) 1:48
16. SOURCE MUSIC: Sleepy Time Gal (previously unreleased) 3:25
17. SOURCE MUSIC: I'll See You In My Dreams (previously unreleased) 1:59
18. SOURCE MUSIC: Linger Awhile 1:59
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

The 1966 20th Century Fox film The Sand Pebbles features one of Jerry Goldsmith's most significant scores. Just five years into his film career and already a double Academy-aware nominee, the opportunity came to him as "an accident" when Alex North dropped out. Goldsmith was slated to score MGM's Grand Prix, but Fox stole him away.

Goldsmith constructed his score around two love themes—one "American" (which became a much-recorded popular song with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, "And We Were Lovers") and one "Chinese." In addition to the strong love themes, Goldsmith crafted a score featuring a dramatic infusion of military, action, and Asian influences, leading to a powerful work that remains one of his finest, even considering the decades of Goldsmith's film scoring that succeeded it.

Intrada presents the definitive release of The Sand Pebbles, including alternates in this comprehensive 2-CD set. The process of this restoration began with recalling the 2˝ 24-track protection masters made from the original 35mm multi-track magnetic elements in the 1990s. Retransferred at 96k/24 bit resolution, this facilitated the repair of each separate track of audio and the finessing of balance, equalization and stereo steering to bring out the dynamic brilliance of the Fox scoring stage and the studio orchestra's consummate performance under the exacting baton of Lionel Newman.

The original 1/4" 1966 album master thankfully provided a stereo version of the cue "Repel Boarders," which survived in the Fox material only as a monaural dub. Previously unreleased cues fill out the first-ever complete presentation of the score on Disc 1, while a second disc features album versions, alternates and six pieces of period source music recorded for the film.rnrn

The Sand Pebbles tells the story of Jake Holman's (Steve McQueen) service on board the San Pablo, an American gunboat patrolling the Yangtze River in 1926, during a time in which China was "ravaged from within by corrupt warlords ... oppressed from without by the great world powers ... a country of factions trying to unite to become a nation ... through revolution."

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