Track Listing

1. AMERICANA: Main Theme - Rudy (Dan Redfeld) 3:16
2. Main Theme - Dennis the Menace (Joohyun Park) 2:32
3. Main Title - The Waltons (Mark Northam) 2:27
4. When You've Gone - Babe (Mark Northam) 1:47
5. Main Theme - 100 Rifles (Joohyun Park) 2:11
6. Love Theme - Forever Yound (Dan Redfeld) 3:09
7. THRILLERS: Main Theme - Warning Shot (Joohyun Park) 1:43
8. The World Only Lovers See - The Chairman (Mark Northam) 3:18
9. Main Theme - Morituri (Dan Redfeld) 3:39
10. Love Theme - The Prize (Mark Northam) 2:35
11. Love Theme - Coma (Dan Redfeld) 3:27
12. Main Theme - The Edge (Dan Redfeld) 2:57
13. Main Theme - The Other (Dan Redfeld) 3:36
14. SCIENCE FICTION: Resolution - Runaway (Joohyun Park) 2:11
15. Main Theme - Explorers (Joohyun Park) 2:02
16. Ilia's Theme - Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Mark Northam) 2:40
17. LOVE AND HOPE: Main Theme - Justine (Joohyun Park) 2:38
18. Love Theme - The Sand Pebbles (Mark Northam) 2:38
19. Free as the Wind - Papilon (Mark Northam) 3:00
20. Love Theme - In Harm's Way (Joohyun Park) 2:29
21. Alone In The Night - The Russia House (Mark Northam) 2:37
  Total Album Time: 56:52

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From the Manufacturer

BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the second release in their Jerry Goldsmith series of new recordings of classics from the composer's extensive filmography, newly interpreted for solo piano.

BuySoundtrax Records presents the music of one of Hollywood's finest musical practitioners translated into the intimate medium of solo piano, arranged and performed by a trio of expert pianists: Dan Redfeld, Joohyun Park, and Mark Northam. Each of these players comes from a somewhat different background and brings a unique style to the keyboard, yet all share a profound respect for the composer which is evident in their respectful transliteration of his music onto the piano.

This release includes liner notes written by author Randall Larson providing insight into the evolution of the album. This is a limited edition release of 1500 units.

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