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One-Eyed Jacks - Encore Edition

One-Eyed Jacks - Encore Edition

Limited Edition of 1,000 Copies


Release Date: May 6, 2014

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Album Presentation
1. Main Title
2. The Kiss of a Scoundrel / Pursued by Rurales
3. Toast to Friendship
4. Lonely Thoughts / Betrayal and Capture
5. Escape (Parts 1 & 2)
6. To Monterey / The Search
7. Seduction
8. Contrition
9. To Point of the Devil / Gentle Visitor
10. Dark Thoughts / Necklace and Idea
11. Confession / Confidence Regained
12. Finale
13. BONUS TRACKS: Alternate Main Title
14. Alternate Finale
Disc 2: Complete Score
1. Main Title
2. The Getaway / The Kiss of a Scoundrel
3. Pursued by Rurales
4. Toast to Friendship
5. Escape from the Cantina
6. Lonely Thoughts / Betrayal and Capture
7. Escape (Parts 1 & 2)
8. The Search
9. To Monterey
10. Meeting After Five Years
11. Meet My Family / Trouble Among the Four
12. Luisa in Love
13. The Seduction
14. Contrition
15. The Informer
16. Dad's Suspicions Allayed
17. Dad's True Colors
18. To Point of the Devil
19. Gentle Visitor
20. Dark Thoughts / Necklace and Idea
21. Prelude to Rape
22. Luisa's Confession / Confidence Regained
23. Compulsion
24. Adios Friend / Double Cross / The Ambush
25. Confession of Love
26. Chance to Escape / A Break for Freedom
27. Finale
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From the Manufacturer

From the moment of their inception, some films are simply destined to become legendary in one way or another and Marlon Brando's sole directorial effort had legend stamped on it from the get-go. But what gives the film a great deal of its luster and brilliance is the score by Hugo Friedhofer.

Sometimes the stars are magically aligned and a composer gets a perfect project, one that plays to all his musical strengths—Friedhofer's music elevates One-Eyed Jacks in every sense—it's passionate, beautiful, exciting, dramatic, luminous—and one of Friedhofer's greatest achievements, in a career filled with them.

One-Eyed Jacks was originally released on LP by Liberty Records. Friedhofer had all the scoring masters available to him and from these he prepared the album release (any thoughts of a 2 LP set vanished when the film did not perform at the box office). Obviously because of LP time restrictions, less than half of Friedhofer's amazing score was on the album.

On CD 1, we present that original album program, remastered from the original two-track album masters, along with two alternate cues from the full score. Note: On our original release, there was a mistake on the "Alternate Main Title," which was actually from The Jayhawkers! and not by Friedhofer at all. For this release, we were thrilled to find there actually was an alternate main title and we're happy to include it.

On CD 2 we present Friedhofer's entire score in all its magnificence, in pristine stereo sound. To hear this score complete is a revelation—and for Friedhofer fans and any fan of great film music, this 2 CD set is a must-have. The booklet features great liner notes by Nick Redman. The original release was a very quick sellout and this has been one of the most requested titles for us to reissue and so we're happy to make another 1000 copies available to those who missed out the first time.

This release is limited to 1000 copies only.

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