Movie Geeks United!, a movie-themed talk radio podcast available for free on the internet and iTunes, celebrates the art of film scoring in a series of shows featuring some of the industry\'s most versatile and prolific composers.

\"Our show has consistently delivered insightful and probing conversations with some of the most talented musicians working in film,\" says Jamey DuVall, co-host, writer and producer of Movie Geeks United!. \"We want our audience to get a sense of what occurs when crafting the musical voice of a film and give them an opportunity to question and learn from these talented artists.\"

Terence Blanchard recently shared his thoughts on his collaborations with director Spike Lee and the creation of his new score for the upcoming release \'Miracle at St. Anna\'.  The broadcast also premiered the final track from this haunting and emotional original soundtrack.  This show is currently available in our archives.

On Sunday, August 31 at 6pm ET, the Movie Geeks will welcome composers Andrew Lockington (Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D) and Kris Kiner (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) to the show for exclusive conversations.

Sunday, September 7 at 6pm ET, composer Jeff Beal will discuss his work on Ed Harris\' upcoming directorial effort \'Appaloosa.\'

Additional composer interviews will be announced in the coming days.

This exciting programming culminates in a 2-hour special on Sunday, September 28, which will feature insights from a plethora of exceptional talents, including snippets from the Movie Geeks\' previous interviews with Howard Shore, Mark Isham, Mark Mancina, John Ottman, Christopher Lennertz and many more.

During live broadcasts, listeners may converse with other film fans in the chat room or call in with their own questions at 718-508-9477.

You may link to the podcast through  The show will be made available for replay immediately following the live broadcast.

Movie Geeks United! is a movie-themed internet radio talk show that airs twice weekly on Sundays at 6pm (EST) and Wednesdays at 10pm (EST).  The show features three knowledgeable, witty and insightful co-hosts who discuss the most pressing issues in film and converse with industry filmmakers, actors and additional creative talent.  Past shows include 2-hour tributes to Al Pacino, Brian De Palma and David Lynch, as well as interviews with industry talents like Brian De Palma, Jeff Goldblum, Phil Donahue. John Sayles, Philip Baker Hall, John Badham, Oscar winning composer Howard Shore and actor Joe Pantoliano.

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