Lakeshore Records will release Crazy Eyes Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on July 3, 2012. The soundtrack features original music composed by Bobby Johnston (Mother's Day, Wristcutters: A Love Story) and new songs by indie artists Stepfather, Gvcci Hvcci, Sister Spaceman and Lindsay Heath.

Zach (Lukas Haas, Inception, Mars Attacks!) seems to be living the Hollywood bachelor dream he's got a house in the hills, the phone numbers for dozens of beautiful women and a hard-partying lifestyle aided and abetted by his bartender pal, Dan (Jake Busey, Enemy of the State, Starship Troopers). It seems nothing can tie down this divorced father, until he meets "Crazy Eyes" (Madeline Zima, Californication TV series, The Nanny TV series) the one woman he can't have. As the two embark on a love-crazed, booze-fueled relationship, Zach's family issues begin to take center-stage, questioning whether or not this partying lost boy can step up to the challenge and become a man. Crazy Eyes was co-written and directed by Adam Sherman (Happiness Runs, Wristcutters: A Love Story), produced by Hagai Shaham (The Details, Mean Creek) and music supervised by Doug Bernheim (Half Nelson, Transamerica).

"The first scenes I scored were the ones between Zach and Rebecca - the snappy, jazz pieces," said composer Bobby Johnston. "I think we wanted to set the tone for the partying scenes before moving on to the more emotive parts."

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Bobby Johnston's music has been featured extensively on the radio program This American Life. Johnston was called 'a new voice in film' by Film Score Monthly, his soundtrack for King of the Ants earned him critical praise in film music circles. His credits also include Wristcutters: A Love Story, Edmond, No Impact Man and Spooner.

Johnston's approach to composing utilizes organic and acoustic instruments, which he plays himself, often complimented by featured soloists. This approach perfectly matched with Adam Sherman's vision for the film.

"He talked about using a female singer to do scat-like, la-la vocals. He also knew he wanted to use finger snapping on Zach and Rebecca's themes," Johnston described, "I knew right away that Lisa Papineau should sing the vocals. As soon as Adam heard her voice, he was convinced as well." Other musicians included Dan Clucas (trumpet), Brian Walsh (Clarinet), David Markowitz (violin and mandolin), Jim Lang (accordion), Marc Doten (Bass), John Krovoza (cello), Carlos Alvidrez and Sheffer Bruton (trombones).

Johnston continued, "Adam wanted some of the score to be influenced by traditional music from disparate sources, such as Russian folk, French, American blues along with prohibition-era jazz. I think this was important, because somehow it helped keep the score from editorializing on the heavy drinking and drug use in the film. We didn't want to glamorize it, but we also didn't wanted to pass judgment."

Crazy Eyes will be distributed by Stand Releasing and hits theaters in limited release on July 6, 2012. The Crazy Eyes - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records will be available digitally on July 3, 2012.