Announced this week were new composer assignments for Terence Blanchard (Father of the Bride), Christopher Spelman (Armageddon Time) and Ian Hultquist & Drum & Lace (Rosaline), among many others. For the full list of composer and music supervisor assignments from this week, click here.

Over 25 new soundtrack albums were released this week. Click here for the full schedule.

Opening in theaters nationwide this week are (with music by): Family Camp (Nicholas Poss) and Firestarter (John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter & Daniel A. Davies).

We are tracking song credits for the following new theatrical release:
- Firestarter (2 songs)

The following composers are celebrating their birthdays within the next week:
- Brian Eno (Dune, The Lovely Bones) is turning 74 on Sunday, May 15.
- Sylvester Levay (Hot Shots!, Mannequin) is turning 77 on Monday, May 16.
- Trent Reznor (The Social Network, Soul) is turning 57 on Tuesday, May 17.
- Angelo Milli (Seven Pounds, Hands of Stone) is turning 47 on May 17.
- Mark Mothersbaugh (The Lego Movie, Thor: Ragnarok) is turning 72 on Wednesday, May 18.
- Reinhold Heil (Cloud Atlas, Run Lola Run) is turning 68 on May 18.
- James L. Venable (Clerks II, Scary Movie 3) is turning 55 on Thursday, May 19.