Perseverance Records has announced its REDUX campaign for James Horner's The Hand and The Dresser, two world premiere re-recordings of the complete original scores side by side, made possible by you.

The label was able to secure the support and endorsement of Sara Horner, the composer's widow, who recorded a video greeting for this campaign.

All of the music has been painstakingly reconstructed from original material that the James Horner Estate has provided to us by orchestrator and James Horner expert, Nikiforos Chrysoloras. Working alongside the actual films to make sure all of it matches what is on the written scores, PLUS cues that were either altered or omitted entirely from the final film.

The campaign has secured the collaboration of some of the key people that have worked with Horner before:

The inventor of the Blaster Beam, Craig Huxley has been featured on the recordings of such scores like Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Battle Beyond the Stars, 2010, Aliens, Deep Impact, The Land Before Time. Craig will be reprising his performance of the Blaster Beam on The Hand, and has also graciously offered a studio tour as a reward for the two top tiers on the campaign.

Film music royalty Gloria Cheng's relationship with James Horner began as early as 1986. Gloria can be heard on Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Troy, and A Beautiful Mind, to name just a few.

The music will be recorded at Smecky Studios with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra over a period of 4-5 days, under the supervision of the project's own producer Nikiforos Chrysoloras.

In the booth with him will be Leigh Phillips who has worked on a multitude of reconstructions for Jerry Goldsmith. Jan Holzner, a multi-Grammy-winning engineer, will be helming the console. On the podium will be none other than Grammy-nominated conductor, orchestrator & arranger Matt Dunkley.

This campaign offers Horner fans that rare opportunity of being involved in making the end product happen. More information about the campaign can be found here.