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April 20 – 26, 2020

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Gears TacticsGears Tactics
Laced Records
Edward Patrick WhiteMP3 | iTunesView Video Game
Gotham: Season 4Gotham: Season 4David RussoMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Pat the DogPat the DogMarc TomasiMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins - 35th Anniversary EditionRemo Williams: The Adventure Begins - 35th Anniversary Edition
Limited Edition of 600 Units

Notefornote Music
Craig SafanCD | Official SiteView Movie
Behind YouBehind You
Bad Haircut
Christian DavisMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (L'orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock)The Horrible Dr. Hichcock (L'orribile segreto del Dr. Hichcock)
Disques Cinemusique
Roman VladMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Last Man StandingLast Man Standing
BSX Records
Louis FebreMP3 | iTunesView Direct to Video
Legends of the Fall - ExpandedLegends of the Fall - Expanded
James HornerCD | Official SiteView Movie
N (Io e Napoleone)N (Io e Napoleone)
Paolo BuonvinoMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Quando la notteQuando la notte
Andrea FarriMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Take Her, She's MineTake Her, She's Mine
Jerry GoldsmithCD | Official SiteView Movie
Anni feliciAnni felici
Limited Edition of 300 Copies

GDM Music
Franco PiersantiCD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Un viaggio chiamato amoreUn viaggio chiamato amore
RCA Victor
Carlo CrivelliMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Sergio MoureMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The WilloughbysThe Willoughbys
Mark MothersbaughMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Normal PeopleNormal PeopleStephen RennicksMP3 | iTunesView Miniseries
Agent Toby BarksAgent Toby BarksDavid BatemanMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Bad EducationBad Education
WaterTower Music
Michael AbelsMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Defending JacobDefending Jacob
Paramount Music
Atli OrvarssonMP3 | iTunesView Miniseries
Alex Belcher
Henry Jackman
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Katy Keene: Bad (Xandra Version) (Single)Katy Keene: Bad (Xandra Version) (Single)
WaterTower Music
-MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The QuarryThe Quarry
Milan Records
Heather McIntoshMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Sea FeverSea FeverChristoffer FranzenMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Speer Goes to HollywoodSpeer Goes to Hollywood
MovieScore Media
Haim Frank IlfmanMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Thieves of the WoodThieves of the Wood
Milan Records
Michelino Bisceglia
Hans Mullens
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Lakeshore Records
Amanda JonesMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Valley Girl: We Got The Beat (Single)Valley Girl: We Got The Beat (Single)
Interscope Records
-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Milan Records
Kristian Eidnes AndersenMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Zombies 2: Flesh & Bone/Someday Mashup (Single)Zombies 2: Flesh & Bone/Someday Mashup (Single)
Walt Disney Records
-MP3 | iTunesView TV Movie
Broadway Bounty Hunter - Original Cast RecordingBroadway Bounty Hunter - Original Cast Recording
Joe IconisMP3 | iTunesView Stage Musical
Planet of the Apes - Main Title (Single)Planet of the Apes - Main Title (Single)
Hollywood Records
Lalo SchifrinMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Rick and Morty: Losing a Friend (Single)Rick and Morty: Losing a Friend (Single)
WaterTower Music
-MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Simple Life (Paris & Nicole Remix) (Single)The Simple Life (Paris & Nicole Remix) (Single)
Hollywood Records
-MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Bride Wore BlackThe Bride Wore Black
Quartet Records
Bernard HerrmannCD | MP3 | Official SiteView Movie
Johnny OroJohnny Oro
GDM Music
Carlo SavinaCD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
OSS-77: Operazione fior di lotoOSS-77: Operazione fior di loto
GDM Music
Luis BacalovCD | MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Sex EducationSex EducationVarious ArtistsCD | MP3 | iTunes | VinylView TV Series
Minuto FinalMinuto FinalGrupo Boddega
Pablo Encalada
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Bloodsucking Freak (Single)The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs: Bloodsucking Freak (Single)-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Van Der Valk: Series OneVan Der Valk: Series OneMatthijs KieboomMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1, Episode 11 (Single)Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1, Episode 11 (Single)
Republic Records
-MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Homeless AshesHomeless AshesMark WindMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Streets of Rage Perfect SoundtrackStreets of Rage Perfect Soundtrack
Wayo Records
Yuzo KoshiroCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Video Game

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