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November 5 – 11, 2018

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
BlacKkKlansman (4K)Blu-rayTerence Blanchard
BlacKkKlansmanBlu-ray | DVDTerence Blanchard
Christopher RobinBlu-ray | DVDJon Brion
Geoff Zanelli
Bryce Jacobs (additional music)
Philip Klein (additional music)
Zak McNeil (additional music)
Paul Mounsey (additional music)
Incredibles 2 (4K)Blu-rayMichael Giacchino
Mick Giacchino (additional music)
Incredibles 2Blu-ray | DVDMichael Giacchino
Mick Giacchino (additional music)
1945Blu-ray | DVDTibor Szemzo
Alone We FightBlu-ray | DVDJared Forman
Alright NowBlu-ray | DVDAshley Adams
James Walsh
American DresserBlu-ray | DVDMarc Vanocur
Bel CantoBlu-ray | DVDDavid Majzlin
Beyond The SkyBlu-ray | DVDDon Davis
Big SoniaDVDBrad Anthony Laina
Bilal: A New Breed of HeroDVDAtli Orvarsson
The CakemakerBlu-ray | DVDDominique Charpentier
Claire's Camera (La camera de Claire)Blu-ray | DVDDalpalan
A Crooked SomebodyDVDAndrew Hewitt
Fail StateBlu-ray | DVDJeremy Bullock
Keegan DeWitt
Gauguin: Voyage to TahitiBlu-ray | DVDWarren Ellis
Getting GraceDVDAlex Kovacs
Girls vs GangstersDVD-
The HealerDVDNathan Wang
An Interview with GodDVDIan Honeyman
Living in the Future's PastDVDKeefus Ciancia
Bob Holroyd (additional music)
Loving PabloBlu-ray | DVDFederico Jusid
MaraBlu-ray | DVDJames Edward Barker
Marlina the Murderer in Four ActsDVDYudhi Arfani
Zeke Khaseli
PapillonBlu-ray | DVDDavid Buckley
Running for GraceDVDElia Cmiral
Scotty and the Secret History of HollywoodDVDJane Antonia Cornish
What Will People Say (Hva vil folk si)DVDLorenz Dangel
Martin Pedersen
TrooperDVDChris Haskett
Christopher Koch
Hershel Yatovitz

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