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Bond Back In Action

Bond Back In Action

Silva America (SSD 1100)

Release Date: 1999

Conducted by Nic Raine

Performed by
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: CD

Track Listing

1. The James Bond Theme (from Dr. No)
[previewing track]
2. Suite (from Dr. No) [Death Of The Tarantula / Killing The Guard / Death Of Dr. No]
[previewing track]
3. Main Title (from From Russia With Love)
[previewing track]
4. The Zagreb Express / Gypsy Camp
[previewing track]
5. The Golden Horn
[previewing track]
6. Girl Trouble
[previewing track]
7. 007 Takes The Lektor
[previewing track]
8. Into Miami / Alpine Drive (from Goldfinger)
[previewing track]
9. Dawn Raid At Fort Knox
[previewing track]
10. The Bomb / Cafe Martinique [Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] (from Thunderball)
[previewing track]
11. Fight On The Disco Volante / Death Of Largo - Finale
[previewing track]
12. Bond's Funeral / The Human Torpedo / Mountains And Sunsets (from You Only Live Twice)
[previewing track]
13. The Wedding / James Bond Averts World War III / Capsule In Space
[previewing track]
14. The Never Happened To The Other Fella / Gumbold's Safe Break (from On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
[previewing track]
15. Bond Meets The Girls / Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?
[previewing track]
16. Escape From Piz Gloria And The Ski Chase
[previewing track]
17. Mr. Wint And Mr. Kidd / Moon Buggy Ride (from Diamonds Are Forever)
[previewing track]
18. Blofeld's Laser / Killing Wint And Kidd
[previewing track]
19. Diamonds Are Forever
[previewing track]
  Total Album Time: 74:21

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Review: Bond Back In Action

by David A. Koran December 23, 1999
4 / 5 Stars
Finally, a Bond tie-in CD release whose content and quality lives up to its striking CD case. The CD, listed as a limited edition release, covers the first six John Barry scored Bond films, and Dr. No (scored by Monty Norman) with several pieces that have not received any coverage on any released soundtrack or previous compilation. Choosing not to try to jam all 19 movies onto one or even two CDs was Silva's smartest move for this release. All the selected tracks are well paced, almost perfect in length, and flow evenly across all the films represented.

My favorite Bond movie, On Her Majesty 's Secret Service is well represented on here, actually having the most unreleased tracks on this album. The original EMI releases of these scores were inconsistent in length and content, mainly since they were timed from LP releases that reduced total possible content anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. This also encumbered the previous releases in sound quality as well, usually poorly realized stereo whereas here Silva does their re-recordings in Dolby Surround. I'm only to hope that when Compass III (or EMI, or Ryko) plan to do their re-mastered releases, they include the originals of some of the expanded cues found on this CD for all the movies. It would be a shame to think that we have lost Barry's original "Bond Meets The Girls" from OHMSS or any of Barry's inspired music from Goldfinger and From Russia With Love.

It would be stupid, utterly stupid, for any Bond fan to pass this CD up, as it would be for any person who what's to clue themselves in to the best of John Barry's "Bond" years. I would rate this far above "The Essential James Bond" Silva did in 1997, not only for the actual content coverage but also the matured musicianship from The City Of Prague Philharmonic who, under Nic Raine, have greatly improved from their firt re-recordings of classic film music. At seventy-four minutes too, you get your money's worth for a treasure trove of great music, with the bonus being that it comes from some of the best spy films ever made.

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