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It all started probably in the womb. It was 1975 and the state of film music was in a horrid state. Flash forward to, um, well, two years and the purchase of the score to a little Sci-Fi space opera that was rocking the world box-office known as "Star Wars". When David was old enough to figure out what a needle drop was, he was listening to jazz, rock, pop, country, R&B, blues, and classical music. Of course, next to the cool original albums his father owned (yes, Pink Floyd, Traffic and the Rolling Stones cornered the market on "cool" and interesting album covers), he was drawn back to the black one with a death mask on the cover, John WIlliams' score to that space opera (yes, he still owns that same album with the original "t-shirt offer").

When he was old enough to earn a little cash doing chores or eeking out what could be considered an "allowance" he bided it between buying tapes (yes, tapes) of film scores and GI-Joe action figures.

He saw that the tapes offered a little more to the imagination, and were much more acceptable (really???) when he got older. After slugging his way through the trials and tribulations of high school and college, he launched SoundtrackNet in early 1997 and invited his college friend, Dan Goldwasser to join in the shared endeavor. After acquiring the resources of the original FilmMusic.com from the gracious Ellen Edgerton, SoundtrackNet began to expand to what it s today out of a ISDN line in Rochester, NY to a megaopolis of technological wonder (yes, three servers) that David's responsible for maintaining. Yes, he's a geek and admit's it... but a geek with a fork, a really sharp and pointy fork.

While not whittling away hours supporting SoundtrackNet's infrastructure and thinking of cool new stuff to do with the site, his day job keeps him busy as the lead information security engineer for a Fortune 125 company on the eastern coast of the US. He'd write more, yes, he does know HOW to write, but just doesn't have the time for it... Cheers!

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