About Tina Huang

Tina Huang, a practicing Renaissance Dilettante, is a lifelong musician with eclectic/expansive tastes, countless preoccupations, and closet composer tendencies—which are at the moment placed indefinitely on the backburner. Her attention is oftentimes divided between writing, various design work, critiquing multifaceted entertainment (i.e., whatever piques her at the time), and, well... too many obsessions to list. Some of her countless banes include inane blogs, [#@*&%$!!!] Ann Hart Coulter, crammed-in-a-nutshell self-descriptions, and the infuriating, ever-present entity known as Time. She rarely believes in a favorite anything, but favored film composers and scores vacillate between "Mood Dependant" and (surprise, surprise) "Too Many to List".

E-mail Tina Huang: tina@soundtrack.net