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Mike began writing for SoundtrackNet in 2004 due to an innocent inquiry into some current projects by Harry Gregson-Williams. In addition, he is particularly interested in the works of Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, John Powell, Steve Jablonsky, James Dooley, Bear McCreary, Chris Tilton, Brian Tyler, and Sean Callery. Other musical influences come from modern rock such as Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds to Mars, Alter Bridge, and Nickelback. More importantly, Mike enjoys films by Ridley Scott and closely follows "24", "Battlestar Galactica", a couple of the "CSI" series, anything Batman or X-Men, and hates network studios for canceling great shows such as "seaQuest DSV", "Point Pleasant", "Invasion", and "Firefly". Mike is currently the only reviewer on SoundtrackNet to have provided reviews for every letter of the alphabet.

In his spare time, Mike's hobbies include archaeology and geology. He is currently entering his third year of graduate school at the University of Rhode Island for a Masters and PhD in Archaeological Oceanography. He has worked on projects in Belize, Italy, New England, Greece, and Ukraine. When he is not in front of his TV or computer, he might be seen in various excavation pits, caves, or rock outcrops ruining most of the clothes he's ever owned in a vain attempt to do something intellectual. Finally, Mike gets a kick out of making Dan Goldwasser's life miserable.

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