About John Herzog

John Herzog, a lifelong listener and admirer of film music, began reviewing film scores for SoundtrackNet back in late 1999. In addition, John, along with his brother Matthew, has written, produced and directed several short films. Starting with an interest in animation and music, respectively, the Herzogs have moved on to work in the medium of film.

In 2003, they completed their fourth short film, True Blue Beauty, a tribute to both silent movies and the 1950s. It was well received at the 2003 Eclipse Film Festival in St. George, Utah, and was also screened in the International Festival of Cinema and Technology's 2004 World Tour, showing in such places as New York City, Toronto, and Sydney, Australia. True Blue Beauty garnered two IFCT award nominations, including Best Short Film and Best New Talent.

Other short films the Herzogs have directed and co-written are The Burrito, Latino Heat and Winch. Their upcoming short, titled Please Don't Feed the Tourists, is slated for a 2007 release.

E-mail John Herzog: jherzog@soundtrack.net