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Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier

Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier

Limited Edition of 3,000 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD1591)

Release Date: April 5, 2022

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier
1. STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE (Jerry Goldsmith): Preludium (alternate, arr. and orch. Fred Steiner) 1:36
2. Total Logic (early version) 3:01
3. Pre-Launch Countdown (early version) 0:42
4. Body Meld (early version) 3:16
5. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (Dennis McCarthy): Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (Season 2) (Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith) 1:40
6. New Planet*/First Hugs/Dance Break 2:39
7. God 1:55
8. A Taste 1:27
9. Aqueduct 2:47
10. Zapped/Requiem 3:37
11. El Yucko 3:00
12. Hickman 2:46
13. Geordi 4:17
14. Star Birth/Burial Plot 5:19
15. Battle Royale 4:08
16. Worf's Goodbye 2:41
17. Nicks of Time* 3:52
18. Data's Dream 1:39
19. Salvadore Data 2:53
20. Still Friends 1:57
21. Kablooie/Don't Touch That Warp 3:16
22. Jurassic Worf (Jay Chattaway) 3:58
23. Android Bonding 2:03
24. Androids to the Rescue 3:38
25. Waiting for Sito/Sito's Wake 3:59
26. BONUS TRACK: Klingon Opera (instrumental) (Dennis McCarthy) 4:04
27. Star Trek: The Next Generation End Credits (Season 3, short version) (Jerry Goldsmith) 0:48
  Disc Time: 76:58
Disc 2: Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier
1. STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (Seasons 4–7, alternate mix) (Dennis McCarthy) 1:55
2. Sleepy Space Flute (Dennis McCarthy)** 2:31
3. The Fortress/Battle Prep/To the Death/Pariah (Dennis McCarthy) 8:06
4. Hammered (Dennis McCarthy) 4:13
5. Runabout Switch/Coffee Break (Jay Chattaway) 5:34
6. Run Noisy, Get Caught/Officer or Terrorist 9:38
7. Birth and Rebirth (Jay Chattaway) 3:59
8. Chrysalis Song (Jay Chattaway) 0:53
9. Love Lost (Jay Chattaway 3:31
10. Rough Start/Meet Red Squad(Paul Baillargeon) 4:43
11. Squad Montage (Paul Baillargeon) 2:34
12. Giant Hunters/Abandon Ship**/Decide for Themselves (Paul Baillargeon) 8:27
13. Federation National Anthem (David Bell) 1:00
14. Plummeting Into Planet (David Bell) 2:19
15. Laughing at Trouble (David Bell) 1:20
16. Parley With Doomed Patrol/Not My Life to Give Up (David Bell) 4:17
17. Opened a Hole in Their Lines? (David Bell) 1:56
18. Kira in Corridor Combat (David Bell) 1:57
19. Prelude to White Flash/White Flash Prophets (David Bell) 4:25
20. Welcome Back Captain/Garek & Kira in Infirmary (David Bell) 2:40
21. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine End Credits (Seasons 4–7, alternate mix) (Dennis McCarthy) 1:04
  Disc Time: 77:02
Disc 3: Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier
1. STAR TREK: VOYAGER: Star Trek: Voyager Main Title (Jerry Goldsmith) 1:55
2. Nyrians Take Over/Chakotay Sabotages (Jay Chattaway) 6:27
3. Seven's Daily Routine/All by Myself/Sleepwalking (Jay Chattaway) 1:52
4. 17 Hours to Safety/Beating the Loneliness (Jay Chattaway) 5:54
5. Kashyk's Departure (Jay Chattaway) 2:12
6. Doc's Soliloquy (Paul Baillargeon) 0:40
7. Tuvok Slams Cart (David Bell) 3:29
8. Tuvok Attempts to Execute Suder/ No More Mind Melds (David Bell) 3:20
9. Tuvok's First Hallucination (David Bell) 1:53
10. Klingons Other Side of Galaxy/ Tuvok and Janeway Meld/ First Flashback/Energy Wave Hits Excelsior (David Bell) 3:48
11. Sulu: Intruder Alert/Our Last Chance—Concentrate!/Be Nostalgic for Both (David Bell) 5:19
12. Chakotay Attaches Power Conduit/Chakotay Phases Tuvok (David Bell) 5:06
13. Doc Snatched (David Bell) 2:44
14. Possible Way Home (Dennis McCarthy) 1:50
15. Inexorable/Surprise, Surprise! (Dennis McCarthy) 6:33
16. Naomi the Detective (Dennis McCarthy) 0:56
17. The Outpost/Realizations (Dennis McCarthy) 4:13
18. Rebellion/With Family (Dennis McCarthy) 4:42
19. Ugly to the Max (Klingon teenager source) (Dennis McCarthy) 2:34
20. Dad School/Where'd He Go? (Dennis McCarthy) 2:17
21. Tom Dooley/El Plan-O/Hangin' On (Dennis McCarthy) 3:23
22. Belle's Death (Dennis McCarthy) 3:59
23. Star Trek: Voyager End Title (Jerry Goldsmith) 1:19
  Disc Time: 76:25
Disc 4: Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier
1. STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE: Archer's Theme (Unused Main Title) (Dennis McCarthy) 1:24
2. Hijackers/No Choice (Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner) 5:30
3. Slaves Are Loose (Dennis McCarthy & Kevin Kiner) 2:34
4. Alien Hunters (Paul Baillargeon) 3:07
5. Damage Report (David Bell) 3:14
6. Aliens Return/Aliens on Board/Cannon Fire (Velton Ray Bunch) 7:18
7. Klingon Defense/Deserted Colony (Velton Ray Bunch) 5:09
8. Hand to Hand/Klingon Trap/Ring of Fire (Velton Ray Bunch) 5:26
9. Duras Tells His Story/Archer Tells His Side (Velton Ray Bunch) 5:23
10. Recap/Red Cloud (Velton Ray Bunch) 5:02
11. Jealous Fighter/Alien Attack (Velton Ray Bunch) 2:56
12. Recap/Into the Chamber (Velton Ray Bunch) 5:19
13. Vulcan Wedding (Velton Ray Bunch) 1:32
14. Recap/Rigellian Attack (Jay Chattaway) 2:23
15. Searching for Silik/Conduit Brawl/Space Diver (Jay Chattaway) 6:21
16. T'Pol Gets Her Man (Jay Chattaway) 2:44
17. Bombs (Jay Chattaway) 3:01
18. Osaarian Showdown (Jay Chattaway) 4:19
19. End Game (Jay Chattaway) 3:57
20. Archer's Theme (End Credits) (Dennis McCarthy)/Paramount Studios Logo (Lalo Schifrin) 0:50
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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Track Listing Legend:
*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series) by Alexander Courage
**Contains "Theme From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Dennis McCarthy

La-La Land Records and CBS present our final collection of music from the Star Trek television universe, Star Trek Collection - The Final Frontier, a thrilling four-CD presentation with a bounty of previously unreleased music from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise. Travel at warp through some of your favorite musical moments in the Star Trek television saga!

Disc One includes, for the very first time anywhere, "lost cues" by Jerry Goldsmith written, but never recorded, for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, performed here by renowned composer Joe Kraemer.

The rest of Disc One features cues from Star Trek: The Next Generation by composers Dennis McCarthy and Jay Chattaway, including music from such episodes as "The Dauphin," "Time's Arrow Part 2," "Lower Decks," and more.

Disc Two showcases music from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, by composers Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, David Bell and Paul Baillargeon and features tracks from various episodes including "Blood Oath," "Take Me Out To The Holosuite," "Rocks And Shoals," and more!

Disc Three highlights tracks from Star Trek: Voyager by composers Jay Chattaway, Paul Baillargeon and David Bell, including music from the episodes "The Darkling," "Flashback," "Real Life" and others!

Disc Four features selections from Star Trek: Enterprise by composers Dennis McCarthy, Kevin Kiner, Paul Baillargeon, David Bell and Velton Ray Bunch, including tracks from the episodes "Silent Enemy," "Marauders," "Cold Front" and more!

Produced by Ford A. Thaxton, James Nelson, Mark Banning and Lukas Kendall, and mastered by James Nelson, this special 4-CD collection contains a 44-page booklet with exclusive liner notes by writer Randall Larson and stellar art design by Mark Banning. This deluxe release of musical gems from four of the most celebrated sci-fi television series of all time has a total running time of more than five full hours and is limited to 3000 units.

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