La-La Land Records is proud to announce its annual pilgrimage to Comic Con 2012 with the world premiere of four limited edition CD soundtracks:

Batman the Animated Series: Vol 1 (Second Edition): Back by popular demand, La-La Land has re-issued its 2008 sold-out title for the legions of BTAS fans who missed out on this dynamite release's initial debut. This "second edition" re-issue is virtually identical to the 2008 version, except the bonus tracks "Gotham City Overture" and "Music of the Bat" have been removed to preserve the integrity of the initial release. Get it before it sells out—again! Limited Edition of 5,000 Units. Comic Con price: $25.

Batman the Animated Series: Vol 2 (4-CD SET): Literally years in the making, La-La Land proves the wait was worth it with this amazing 4-CD set of previously unreleased music from arguably the greatest animated television series of all time! The set's 36 page booklet is packed with in-depth liner notes that take you through a treasure trove of astounding orchestral scores; music that rivals any blockbuster feature film. Composers Shirley Walker, Harvey R. Cohen, Carlos Rodriguez, Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion, Carl Swander Johnson and others are musically represented here, as well as Danny Elfman's iconic theme. Limited Edition of 3,500 Units. Comic Con price: $60.

X-Men 2: X-Men United (2-CD SET): Finally, John Ottman's stupendous X2 score gets its much-deserved deluxe treatment, remastered and expanded with a 2-CD presentation that offers more than 50 minutes of music beyond the original 2003 soundtrack release. Improved sound and exclusive, in-depth liner notes take this noteworthy score to new superheroic heights! Limited Edition of 3,500 Units. Comic Con price: $25.

The Phantom: Likewise, David Newman's majestic score to the 1996 feature film of the same name gets remastered and expanded in deluxe fashion, running almost a full 30 minutes longer than the original '96 soundtrack release. This is a big, classic film score that covers all the bases (action, thrills, romance) in high style! Like all La-La Land limited editions, this release features in-depth, exclusive liner notes and attractive packaging design. Limited Edition of 3,000 Units. Comic Con price: $20.

The above titles will be exclusively available July 12-15th (and on Preview Night, July 11) at Comic Con from La-La Land Records (Booth #429, "Toy Hungry").

All four titles will subsequently be released at (and other online soundtrack boutiques) on July 19, 2012, 1pm PST.

In addition to these wonderful new releases, La-La Land will be offering at its Comic Con booth (#429 "Toy Hungry") the usual assortment of exciting soundtrack titles, with many worthwhile specials and deals to be had.

Also, we will be discussing some of our upcoming soundtrack releases, including Used Cars music by Patrick Williams with unused music by Ernest Gold, Green Lantern: The Animated Series music by Frederik Wiedmann, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (4-CD SET) music by various composers, The Bodyguard music by Alan Silvestri and Black Rain (2-CD SET) music by Hans Zimmer.