Composer Matthew Margeson returns to create a transformative score for Universal Pictures' sequel, Kick-Ass 2 in theaters August 16, 2013. Directed by Jeff Wadlow, Kick-Ass 2 returns with our favorite "superheroes" as they try and defeat the world's first supervillain. Margeson and composer Henry Jackman reteam to create a rock 'n' roll infused score that incorporates a full orchestra over trip-hop beats and electric guitar. Kick Ass 2 - Original Score will be available on La-La Land Records August 20, 2013. A soundtrack album including other music featured in the film will be released by Sony on August 13, 2013.

Kick-Ass 2 follows the transformation of the Mother F**cker as he forms an allegiance against Kick Ass, Hit Girl and their superhero crew in seek of revenge. As his transformation unfolds from Red Mist to Mother F**cker, Margeson's theme changes and evolves. He stated, "I wrote a theme with heavy metal and hip hop influences for the beginning of his change; something we could see him listening to on his iPod. As his rise to power begins, it was important to me to showcase that he does in fact think of himself as the Dark Lord of the Empire, no matter how he looks. I also included a variation of an imperial march and a full operatic version of his theme when the Mother F**cker's work comes to fruition with his first crime."

Additionally, Margeson further developed the themes behind our main heroes. Creating two themes for Mindy, as her internal turmoil festers, Margeson combated her moments as Hit Girl and school girl with visceral, contemporary orchestral music versus soft piano and strings. On The Musical Anatomy of a Superhero Panel at Comic Con 2013 featuring Margeson and director-writer Jeff Wadlow, Wadlow described Margeson's musical contribution: "All the music Matt sent to us was perfect."

After attending the Berklee College of Music, Matthew Margeson moved to Los Angeles to apprentice with award winning composer Klaus Badelt. Soon after, Margeson joined Remote Control Studios where he has collaborated with composers including Hans Zimmer and Henry Jackman on projects including Wreck-It Ralph, X-Men: First Class, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. He has also written for television such as HBO's Eastbound and Down and video games including PlayStation's All Star Battle Royale. Currently, Margeson is scoring the feature film The Curse of Downers Grove and will compose the music for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. Additionally, he is working with composer Henry Jackman on Captain Phillips, in theaters this fall.