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J. Peter Robinson

September 16, 1945
Fulmer, England
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[2017]  Mad Families [TV Movie]
[2016]  Political Animals
[2012]  Seeking Justice*
[2008]  Shelter
[2005]  The World's Fastest Indian*
[2004]  12 Days of Terror [TV Movie]
[2003]  A Man Apart
 Bill Stanton Project [TV Series]
 Code 11-14
 The Handler [TV Series]
[2002]  A Call for Help
 Flatland [TV Series]
[2001]  15 Minutes
 Dean Koontz's Black River
 Winds of Terror
[2000]  Frequency
 Price of Glory
 The Linda McCartney Story
[1999]  Detroit Rock City
 Godzilla 2000
[1998]  Brink!
 Charmed [TV Series]*
 Don't Look Down
 The Wild Thornberrys [TV Series]
[1997]  No More Mr. Nice Guy
 Perversions of Science [TV Series]
 Runaway Car
 Spawn [TV Series]
[1996]  Buried Secrets
 Generation X
 Jackie Chan's First Strike*
 Kindred: The Embraced [TV Series]
[1995]  Rumble in the Bronx*
 The Omen
 The Outer Limits [TV Series]*
 The Outpost
 Under One Roof [TV Series]
 Vampire In Brooklyn
[1994]  Wes Craven's New Nightmare*
 Highlander III: The Sorcerer*
 The Air Up There (additional music)
[1993]  Laurel Canyon
 The Night My Parents Ran Away
[1992]  Are You Lonesome Tonight?
 Encino Man
 Nightmare Café [TV Series]*
 The President's Child
 Wayne's World
 With a Vengeance
[1991]  Deadly Intentions, Again?
 Eerie, Indiana [TV Series]
 Hell Hath No Fury
 Lightning Field
 Prison Stories: Women on the Inside [TV Movie]
[1990]  Cadillac Man
 When You Remember Me
[1989]  The Wizard
 Blind Fury
 Tales from the Crypt [TV Series]
 The Gifted One
[1988]  Cocktail
 Desert Rats
 Return Of The Living Dead Part II
 The Kiss
 The Wonder Years [TV Series]
[1987]  The Believers*
 Bates Motel
 J. Edgar Hoover
 Rags to Riches [TV Series]
 The Belivers
 The Gate
[1986]  The Wraith
 Kate's Secret
[1985]  The Insiders [TV Series]
Key: * Has related album(s); ^ Has compilation album(s) only.

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