November 1997 (view details)

11/7Starship Troopers
The Little Mermaid (re-release)
One Night Stand
11/21The Rainmaker
Alien: Resurrection
Welcome to Sarajevo

December 1997 (view details)

12/5Good Will Hunting
Home Alone 3
Scream 2
Mousehunt (Mouse Hunt)
Tomorrow Never Dies
12/23As Good As It Gets
Jackie Brown
An American Werewolf in Paris
Wag The Dog
12/31The Boxer

Undetermined 1997 Releases

  The Relic
  6 Stunden Angst
  8 Heads in a Duffel Bag
  The Absolute Truth
  Across Red Nights
  Acts of Betrayal
  Addicted to Love
  Air Bud
  All Lies End in Murder
  Amazon Jack
  American Dragons
  American Perfekt
  American Visions
  Angels in the Endzone
  Animal Rescue with Alex Paen
  Annabelle's Wish
  Any Mother's Son
  The Apocalypse
  The Apostle
  Assault on Devil's Island
  The Assignment
  The Assistant
  Asteroids: Deadly Impact
  Auntie: The Inside Story of the BBC
  Aventurier malgré lui
  Babies for Babies
  The Baby Huey Show
  Bach Cello Suite #6: Six Gestures
  Backroads (Carreteras secundarias)
  Bad Day on the Block
  Ballad of the Skeletons
  Ballermann 6
  Barney's Great Adventure
  Battle Athletes
  The Beautician And The Beast
  Before Women Had Wings
  The Beggar Bride
  Behind the Music
  Bella Mafia
  Best Men
  The Best of Latin Jazz
  A Better Place
  Beyond Suspicion
  Big Guns Talk: The Story of the Western
  Big Red
  Bikini Hoe-Down
  Black Sea Raid
  The Blackout
  The Blood Oranges
  Body Count (Below Utopia)
  Boogie Boy
  Booty Call
  Born Into Exile
  Boy Hero 001
  Boy's Life 2
  The Boys
  Boys Will Be Boys
  Brassed Off!
  Breaking Up
  Breast Men
  Bright Hair
  Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis
  Brittle Glory
  Broadway Damage
  Buffalo Soldiers
  Bullet to Beijing
  Buried Alive 2
  The Butcher Boy
  Byzantine: The Betrayal
  C-16: FBI
  The Cairn
  The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon
  A Call To Remember
  Camere da Letto
  Campfire Tales
  Cartoni Animati
  Casper: A Spirited Beginning
  Cassidi et Cassidi
  Cats Don't Dance
  The Chambermaid
  The Chambermaid on the Titanic
  Chariots of the Gods
  Childhood Sweetheart
  Chinese Box
  The Christmas List
  A Christmas Memory
  City of Industry
  Clara et son juge
  Code Name: Ruby
  Cold Around the Heart
  Cold Case
  Cold Night Into Dawn
  Color of Justice
  Colors Straight Up
  Comfort, Texas
  Commercial Break
  Con Rabbia e con Amore
  Conspiracy Theory
  Contry Justice
  Convict 762
  The Cook in Love
  Cop Land
  The Corporate Ladder
  Criminal Affairs
  Crocodile Snap
  Crowned and Dangerous
  Cyclops, Baby
  Dalziel and Pascoe: A Killing Kindness
  Dalziel and Pascoe: Deadheads
  Dalziel and Pascoe: Exit Lines
  Dalziel and Pascoe: Ruling Passion
  Deacon Brodie
  Dead by Midnight
  Dead Men Can't Dance
  Dealyed Exposure
  Dear Nobody
  Deconstructing Harry
  Deep Family Secrets
  The Definite Maybe
  Delay Line
  The Deli
  Der Todesbus
  Desert's Edge
  The Designated Mourner
  Desparate Measures
  The Devil's Advocate
  The Devil's Child
  Diana & Me
  Die Stunden vor dem Morgengrauen
  Dinner and Driving
  The Ditchdigger's Daughters
  Do Me a Favor
  Doing Time for Patsy Cline
  Don King: Only In America
  Donnie Brasco
  Double Tap
  Double Team
  Dying to Belong
  Earthbound Winegrowers
  Eat Your Heart Out
  Ed McBain's 87th Precint: Heatwave
  The Edge
  The Education of Little Tree
  El Impostor
  Ellen Foster
  Elvis Meets Nixon
  The End Of Violence
  Eve's Bayou
  Every 9 Seconds
  Every Dog Has Its Day
  Excess Baggage
  Executive Power
  Executive Target
  Eye of the Eagle
  Fairy Tale: A True Story
  Fakin' Da Funk
  A Family of Orphans
  Family Plan
  Fanny Farveløs
  Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
  Father of the Bird
  Father's Day
  Fever Pitch
  Fierce Creatures
  Final Descent
  Fire Down Below
  Fireworks (Hana-bi)
  First Love, Last Rites
  The First to Go
  First-Time Felon
  Five Desperate Hours
  The Fix
  Flammen im Paradies
  Food of Love
  Fools Rush In
  For Hire
  For Richer or Poorer
  For Roseanna
  Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone
  Four Days In September
  Funny Games
  A Further Gesture
  Für immer und immer
  The Game
  The Game Bag
  The Garden of Redemption
  Gendai ninkyoden
  George B.
  George of the Jungle
  George Wallace
  Get to the Heart: The Barbara Mandrell Story
  Gipsy Magic
  Go for Gold!
  God Talk
  Going Solo
  Gone Fishin'
  The Good Life
  Goodbye America
  Great Expectations
  Grosse Pointe Blank
  The Grüninger Case
  Guarded Secrets
  A Gun, a Car, a Blonde
  The Harmonists
  Head Case
  The Headhunter's Sister
  Heart Full of Rain
  The Heart Surgeon
  Henry Fool
  Her Majesty Mrs. Brown
  The Hidden Dimension
  High Voltage
  Hiller and Diller
  Hitchiking Vietnam: Letters from the Trail
  Home Invasion
  Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves
  Horton Foote's Alone
  Hostage High
  Hostile Intent
  Hostile Waters
  House of America
  The House of Yes
  The Hunchback
  Hurricane Streets
  I Am Your Child
  I Know What You Did Last Summer
  I Think I Do
  I Went Down
  The Ice House
  In & Out
  In Dark Places
  In Her Father's Shoes
  In the Company of Men
  In the Gloaming
  In the Name of Innocence
  Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan
  The Interview
  Into the Blue
  Into Thin Air: Death On Everest
  The Invader
  The Island on Bird Street
  Isle of Darkness (Morkets Oy)
  It Was My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown
  The Jackal
  Jamaica Beat
  A Jewish Christmas Story
  Joe Joe Angel & The Dead Guy
  The Journey: Absolution
  Jungle 2 Jungle
  Kalte Küsse
  Kap der guten Hoffnung
  Keep the Aspidistra Flying
  Keys to Tulsa
  Kicked in the Head
  The Kid
  King Lear
  Kull The Conqueror
  L.A. Johns
  La Terza Luna
  La Voisine
  The Lakes
  The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island
  Langevin: Le Secret
  The Last Circle
  The Last Governor
  Last Lives
  The Last of the Ryans
  Last Stand at Saber River
  The Last Time I Committed Suicide
  Last to Surrender
  Lawn Dogs
  Le acrobate
  Le Censeur du Lycée d'Epinal
  Le Garcon d'Orage
  Le Grand Batre
  Le Jour et la Nuit
  Le Serment sous la Lune
  Le Serre aux Truffes
  Leave It to Beaver
  Legal Deceit
  Legend of the Lost Tomb
  Legend of the Spirit Dog
  Les Palmes de M. Schultz
  Let Me Out
  Lethal Seduction
  Lethal Tender
  Level Five
  Lewis & Clark & George
  Lexx: The Dark Zone
  Life During Wartime (The Alarmist)
  Life Is All You Get
  Life is Beautiful
  A Life Less Ordinary
  Little Bigfoot
  Little Boy Blue
  Little City
  Little Ghost
  Little Girls in Pretty Boxes
  Live Flesh (Carne tremula)
  Living in Peril
  The Locusts
  The Long Way Home
  The Longest Night
  Lord of the Dance
  Los Locos
  Lost Treasure of Dos Santos
  Love in Another Town
  The Lovemaster
  Lover Girl
  The Lovers from the North Pole
  Lunker Lane
  M'sieurs Dames
  Mad City
  The Maker
  Malibu Nights
  The Man in Grey
  The Man Who Knew Too Little
  Marianna Ucrìa
  Marutai No Onna
  The MatchMaker
  Maximum Revenge
  McHale's Navy
  Me and My Hormones
  Mean Guns
  Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
  Medusa's Child
  Meet Wally Sparks
  Mein Papa ist kein Mörder
  Melanie Darrow
  Melting Pot
  The Member of the Wedding
  Men With Guns
  Mercenary II: Thick & Thin
  Merchant of Death
  A Merry War
  Messieurs les Enfants
  Michael Jackson's Ghosts
  Midnight Blue
  Midnight in St. Petersburg
  Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  The Mill on the Floss
  Miracle in the Woods
  Miss Evers' Boys
  The Missing Postman
  Mission to Mir
  Mixed Signals
  Mondo Plympton
  Money Plays
  Moonlight Serenade
  Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
  Most Wanted
  The Moth
  Mother Knows Best
  Mr. Atlas
  Mr. Bourn's Gold
  Mr. Jealousy
  Mr. Magoo
  Mrs. Dalloway
  Ms. Bear
  Ms. Scrooge
  Murder in Mind
  Murder in My Mind
  Murder Live!
  Murder One. Diary of a Serial Killer
  Mutual Needs
  My Son the Fanatic
  My Teacher Ate My Homework
  Naissance des Stéréoscopages
  National Desk
  National Lampoon's The Don's Analyst
  National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
  Natural Enemy
  Never Too Late
  Ni vue ni connue
  Nick and Jane
  Night Falls on Manhattan
  The Night Flier
  Night of Destiny
  The Nightingale and the Rose
  A Nightmare Come True
  Nil by Mouth
  No More Mr. Nice Guy
  Nothing Sacred
  Null Risko und Reich
  Number One Fan
  Nur eine Hure
  The Odd One Dies
  Office Killer
  Oh Yeah!
  Old Man
  Oliver Twist
  On Guard (Le bossu)
  On the Beautiful Blue Danube
  On the Edge of Innocence
  On the Second Day of Christmas
  One Eight Seven
  One of Our Own
  One of Those Nights
  One of Us Tripped
  The Online Adventures of Ozzie the Elf
  The Only Thrill
  Open Your Eyes
  Operation Condor
  Operation Delta Force
  Opposite Corners
  Oranges Amères
  Orangutans: Just Hangin' On
  Oscar And Lucinda
  Our God's Brother
  Out to Sea
  Overnight Delivery
  Owd Bob
  Oz Encounters: UFO's in Australia
  Oz: The American Fairyland
  The Pale Horse
  Paradise Road
  The Parasite
  Parasite Eve
  Passion in the Desert
  Path to Paradise: The Untold Story of the World Trade Center Bombing
  Perdita Durango
  Perfect Body
  Perfect Moment
  The Perfect Mother
  Perfect Target
  The Pest
  Picture Perfect
  The Piece
  Plan B
  Planetary Traveler
  Platform Six
  Playing God
  Point Blank
  The Postman
  A Prayer in the Dark
  Preaching to the Perverted
  The Price of Heaven
  The Price of Kissing
  Prince Valiant
  Princess Mononoke
  The Princess Stallion
  Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America
  Psycho Sushi
  Puppies For Sale
  Quiet Days in Hollywood
  Raven's Blood
  The Real Blonde
  Real Kids Real Adventures
  Red Corner
  Redux Riding Hood
  Remember Me?
  Rescuers: Stories of Courage - Two Women
  Rhinoceros Hunting in Budapest
  Rhyme & Reason
  Rideau de feu
  The Right Connections
  The Ripper
  Road Ends
  Robert Altman's Gun
  Robinson Crusoe
  The Rockford Files: Murder and Misdemeanors
  Rodbert Ludlum's The Apocalypse Watch
  Rodney Dangerfield's 75th Birthday Toast
  Romani kris
  Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
  Ronnie & Julie
  Rough Draft
  Rough Riders
  The Ruby Ring
  Runaway Car
  Running Time
  Rusty: A Dog's Tale
  The Saint
  Santo Stefano
  Saraka Bô
  Scorpion Spring
  The Sea Wolf
  The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo
  The Secret
  The Sender
  The Serpent's Kiss
  The Setting Son
  Seven Years In Tibet
  Sex & Chocolate
  Sex and Other Matters of Life and Death
  Sex and Violence
  Sexual Roulette
  Shadow Conspiracy
  The Shadow Conspiracy
  She's So Lovely
  Shooting Fish
  A Simple Wish
  Sinans bryllup
  Sins of the Mind
  Sisters and Other Strangers
  Six Ways to Sunday
  The Sixth Man
  Sleeping With The Devil
  The Sleepless
  The Sleepwalker Killing
  A Smile Like Yours
  Smilla's Sense of Snow
  Snapshots from a .500 Season
  Snow Child
  The Son of Bakunin
  The Sonoran Desert: A Violent Eden
  The Soong Sisters
  The Sore Losers
  The Soul Sings
  Sous le pieds des femmes
  Spice World
  Sports on the Silver Screen
  The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
  Stage Fright
  Steel Chariots
  Steel Sharks
  Still Breathing
  Stolen Women, Captured Hearts
  Stone, Scissors, Paper
  Stranger in the House
  The Student Prince
  Suicide Kings
  Sunsets By Candlelight
  The Sweet Hereafter
  Swept From The Sea
  Tales from the Tomb: Lost Sons of the Pharaohs
  The Tango Lesson
  Tatort: Mord hinterm Deich
  Tatort: Undercover Camping
  Team Knight Rider
  Tell Me No Secrets
  Telling Lies in America
  That Darn Cat
  That Old Feeling
  This World, Then the Fireworks
  A Thousand Acres
  A Thousand Men and a Baby
  Three Days
  The Three Lives of Karen
  Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun
  The Ticket
  'Til There Was You
  A Time to Revenge
  Time to Say Goodbye?
  Tiny Heroes
  Todo Esta Oscurio
  Too Good to Be True
  Touch Me
  Touching Evil
  Tower of Terror
  Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail
  Trial and Error
  Trojan War
  Trouble on the Corner
  The Truce (La tregua)
  True Heart
  True Vengeance
  True Women
  Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
  Twin Town
  Twist of Fate
  Twisted Passion
  Two Came Back
  Two Voices
  U Turn
  Ulee's Gold
  The Ultimate Weapon
  Un frère
  Un Homme
  Un petit grain de folie
  Under Oath
  Under the Skin
  Under Wraps
  The Underworld
  Une femme d'action
  Une Femme sur Mesure
  Une mère comme o n'en fait plus
  The Unfish
  Up on the Roof
  Verdammtes Glück
  Virgin Atlantic Balloon Challenge
  Vital Signs
  Volcano: Fire on the Mountain
  Walking Thunder
  A Walton Easter
  Washington Square
  Watashitachi ga Suki Datta Koto
  The Weird Al Show
  Welcome Back, Mr. McDinald
  Whales: An Unforgettable Journey
  What Happened to Bobby Earl?
  What the Deaf Man Heard
  When Danger Follows You Home
  When Secrets Kill
  When Time Expires
  White Raven
  Wild America
  Wild Games
  The Wingless Bride
  The Wings of the Dove
  The Winter Guest
  Winter Sleepers
  Wolves in White
  The Woman in White
  The Wrong Guy
  You Can't Have It All
  You Wish
  Zeus And Roxanne
  Zie 37 Stagen

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