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March 28 – April 3, 2016

Day Movie Title (24 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Everybody Wants Some!! - View Album
View 45 Songs
I Don't Belong Anywhere: The Cinema of Chantal Akerman -
God's Not Dead 2 Will Musser View Album
View 5 Songs
Meet the Blacks RZA
Darius Holbert (additional music)
View Album
View 14 Songs
Catching the Sun David Majzlin
Chongqing Hot Pot -
The Dark Horse Dana Lund
Nick Buckton (additional music)
View Album
View 16 Songs
Darling Giona Ostinelli View 2 Albums
View 4 Songs
DONGJU: The Portrait Of A Poet -
Francofonia Murat Kabardokov View 3 Songs
The Girl in the Photographs Nima Fakhrara View Album
Ki & Ka Ilayaraja View Album
Kill Me, Deadly Bill Newlin
Kill Your Friends Tom Holkenborg View Album
Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame Alexander Hackett No Songs
Miles Ahead Robert Glasper View Album
Natural Born Pranksters -
Next Time I'll Aim for the Heart (La Prochaine fois je viserai le coeur) Gregoire Hetzel View Album
Pandemic Alec Puro
Saturday's Warrior Lex de Azevedo (songs)
Doug Stewart (songs)
View Album
Sold John McDowell View Album
Standing Tall (La tete haute) Eric Neveux
Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Francesco Lupica
A Weekend With the Family Immanuel Rich

April 4 – 10, 2016

Day Movie Title (18 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures David Benjamin Steinberg
Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt John Wilson No Songs
The Dying of the Light -
The Boss Christopher Lennertz View 13 Songs
Demolition - View Album
View 20 Songs
Hardcore Henry Darya Charusha
Serj Tankian (additional music)
View 2 Albums
View 24 Songs
11 Minutes Pawel Mykietyn No Songs
Be Here Now Craig DeLeon
Gareth Williams
Havana Motor Club Goran Kajfes
David Osterberg
Wichy de Vedado (additional music)
Yasek Manzano (additional music)
View 11 Songs
High Strung Nathan Lanier View Album
The Invitation Theodore Shapiro View 2 Albums
Louder Than Bombs Ola Flottum View Album
Memoria Ian Hultquist
Mr. Right Aaron Zigman View Album
View 11 Songs
Neon Bull (Boi neon) Carlos Montenegro
Otavio Santos
View Album
One More Time Joe McGinty View 29 Songs
Smothered Silas Hite
Temps John DeBorde

April 11 – 17, 2016

Day Movie Title (26 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Bill Andrew Hewitt View Album
Barbershop: The Next Cut Stanley Clarke View 2 Albums
View 24 Songs
Criminal Keith Power
Brian Tyler
View Album
View 6 Songs
The Jungle Book John Debney View 2 Albums
View 4 Songs
13 Cameras Paul Koch View Album
Above and Below John Gurtler
Jan Miserre
Paradox Paradise
Lars Voges
View Album
View 1 Song
The Adderall Diaries Michael Andrews View Album
View 8 Songs
Colonia Andre Dziezuk
Fernando Velazquez
View 8 Songs
Fan Andrea Guerra View Album
The First Monday in May Drum & Lace
Ian Hultquist
View Album
View 6 Songs
Green Room Brooke Blair
Will Blair
View Album
Gridiron Heroes -
Hostile Border John Kirby
Kenneth Pattengale
No Songs
Los Sures -
The Measure of a Man -
My Big Night Joan Valent
New York, New York -
Our Last Tango Gerd Baumann
Luis Borda
Sexteto Mayor
View Album
Paradox Alexander Bornstein
Revelation: Dawn of Global Government Charlie Daniels
Rio, I Love You (Rio, Eu Te Amo) Pedro Bromfman
Khaled Mouzannar
Sing Street John Carney (songs)
Gary Clark (songs)
View Album
Sky Francois-Eudes Chanfrault View Album
View 23 Songs
Time Renegades (Siganitalja) -
Wedding Doll (Hatuna MeNiyar) Lior Rosner
From the East -

April 18 – 24, 2016

Day Movie Title (20 total titles) Composer(s) Links
The Empire of Corpses Yoshihiro Ike
How to Let Go of the World: and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change -
Streit's: Matzo And The American Dream -
The Silence of Mark Rothko -
Elvis & Nixon Edward Shearmur View Album
View 6 Songs
The Huntsman: Winter's War James Newton Howard View 3 Albums
View 1 Song
Compadres Joan Valent
Hockney John Harle View Album
Holidays Robert Allaire
Christopher Drake
Ronen Landa
A Hologram for the King Johnny Klimek
Tom Tykwer
View Album
View 15 Songs
In Harmony (En equilibre) Bruno Le Roux
Jerome Lemonnier
Frederic Visconte
View Album
The Meddler Jonathan Sadoff
Men & Chicken Frans Bak
Jeppe Kaas
View Album
Nina Ruy Folguera
Precious Cargo James Edward Barker
Tim Despic
Queen Mimi Ron Passaro View 4 Songs
Sworn Virgin Vladan Radovic
Tale of Tales Alexandre Desplat View 2 Songs
Unsullied Jason Solowsky
Purple Rain (Re-Release) Michel Colombier
Prince (songs)

April 25 – May 1, 2016

Day Movie Title (18 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Eva Hesse Andreas Schafer
Raffael Seyfried
Unlucky Shiobhan Quinn
Keanu Steve Jablonsky
Nathan Whitehead
View 19 Songs
Mother's Day John Debney View 31 Songs
Ratchet & Clank Jingle Punks
Evan Wise
View Album
No Songs
Baaghi Julius Packiam View Album
A Beautiful Planet Micky Erbe
Maribeth Solomon
View 7 Songs
Bourek Theodore
Sky Wikluh (songs)
Sky Wikluh (additional music)
View 1 Song
The Congressman David Carbonara
The Family Fang Carter Burwell View Album
View 13 Songs
Finding Mr. Right 2 Peter Kam
L'attesa (The Wait) Marco Mangani
Piero Messina
Alma Napolitano
Dimitri Sillato
View 12 Songs
The Man Who Knew Infinity Coby Brown View Album
Papa: Hemingway in Cuba Mark Isham
Sacrifice Benedikt Brydern
Term Life Dave Porter
Greg Laporta (additional music)
View 8 Songs
Viktoria Kaloyan Dimitrov View 6 Songs
Viva Stephen Rennicks View Album
View 14 Songs

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