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December 22 – 28, 2014

Day   Album (20 total albums) Music by Format(s) /
Related Title(s)
Silva Screen
John LunnCD | MP3 | Official SiteView TV Series
Karinca KapaniKarinca Kapani
Dokuz Sekiz Muzik
Resit Gozdamla
Firat Tanis
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Great Temptation
Giorgio GiampaMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Baron Blood - Complete Cipriani ScoreBaron Blood - Complete Cipriani Score
Limited Edition of 500 Copies

Dagored Records
Stelvio CiprianiVinylView Movie
Dulcimer Songs
Paco Ortega
Various Artists
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Amazing Stranger
Patric CairdMP3 | iTunesView Movie
After the FallAfter the Fall
Lakeshore Records
Marc StreitenfeldCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
AnomalyAnomalyAnamogCD | MP3 | iTunesView Short Film
Lakeshore Records
Steve LondonCD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
Big EyesBig Eyes
Interscope Records
Danny ElfmanMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Fifty Shades of Grey: Earned It (Single)Fifty Shades of Grey: Earned It (Single)
Republic Records
-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Knick - ExpandedThe Knick - Expanded
Milan Records
Cliff MartinezDigital | VinylView TV Series
Regarding Susan SontagRegarding Susan Sontag
Lakeshore Records
Laura Karpman
Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum
CD | MP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
70s at Cinevox: 40 Best Vintage Soundtracks70s at Cinevox: 40 Best Vintage Soundtracks
Various ArtistsMP3-
Doctor Who: Best of Series One through SevenDoctor Who: Best of Series One through Seven
Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies

Murray GoldVinylView TV Series
L'istruttoria e chiusa: dimentichiL'istruttoria e chiusa: dimentichi
Limited Edition of 300 Copies

Ennio MorriconeVinylView Movie
La resa dei contiLa resa dei conti
Contemporary Media Recordings
Ennio MorriconeVinylView Movie
Tenderly / La ragazza di nome giulioTenderly / La ragazza di nome giulio
Limited Edition of 300 Copies

GDM Music
Riz OrtolaniCD | Official SiteView 2 Movies
Karisik KasetKarisik Kaset
Poll Production
Safa Hendem
Mehmet Cem Unal
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Philippe Tasquin: Films de Gerlando InfusoPhilippe Tasquin: Films de Gerlando InfusoPhilippe TasquinMP3 | iTunesView 3 Short Films

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