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September 4 – 10, 2023

Day   Album (49 total albums) Music by Format(s) /
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HusetHusetMartin DirkovMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
PaliaPaliaSteffen SchmidtMP3 | iTunesView Video Game
Creating Rem LezarCreating Rem LezarVarious ArtistsMP3 | iTunesView Direct to Video
Les gentilsLes gentilsYannis DumoutiersMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 2Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 2
Limited Edition of 1,701 Units

La-La Land Records
6 related composersCD | Official SiteView TV Series
The War of the Worlds - 70th Anniversary EditionThe War of the Worlds - 70th Anniversary Edition
Limited Edition of 1,000 Units

La-La Land Records
Leith StevensCD | Official SiteView 2 Movies
Neue Geschichten vom FranzNeue Geschichten vom FranzToni Martin DobrzanskiMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Music Box Records
Philippe RombiMP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView Movie
How to Dance in Ohio - Songs from the New Musical (EP)How to Dance in Ohio - Songs from the New Musical (EP)Rebekah Greer Melocik
Jacob Yandura
MP3 | iTunesView Stage Musical
I Am Groot: Season 2 (Single)I Am Groot: Season 2 (Single)
Walt Disney Records
Daniele LuppiMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Breaking IceThe Breaking IceKin LeonnMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Io capitanoIo capitano
Sony Music Entertainment
Andrea FarriMP3 | iTunesView Movie
SimonSimonFreddy SheinfeldMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Virgin River: Season 5Virgin River: Season 5
Netflix Music
Jeff GarberMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Camp Hideout: Time Goes By (Single)Camp Hideout: Time Goes By (Single)-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Crew: MotorfestThe Crew: Motorfest
Dirty Two Club
Blue Stahli
MP3 | iTunesView Video Game
Die drei !!!Die drei !!!
Walt Disney Records
Various ArtistsMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Dimension SlipDimension Slip
Plaza Mayor
Maria Chiara Casa
Marco Werba
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
El cuerpo en llamasEl cuerpo en llamas
Netflix Music
Aitor EtxebarriaMP3 | iTunesView Miniseries
The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of LiesThe Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies
Silva Screen
Arthur SharpeMP3 | iTunesView Miniseries
The InseparablesThe InseparablesPuggyMP3 | iTunesView Movie
L'anno dell'uovoL'anno dell'uovoLorenzo CeciMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Little Mermaid: Impossible Child (Outtake) (Single)The Little Mermaid: Impossible Child (Outtake) (Single)
Walt Disney Records
Alan Menken
Lin-Manuel Miranda
MP3 | iTunesView Movie
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
Back Lot Music
Stephanie EconomouMP3 | iTunesView Movie
One Piece: Mixtape from BaratieOne Piece: Mixtape from Baratie
Netflix Music
Sonya Belousova
Giona Ostinelli
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie: Down Like That (Single)PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie: Down Like That (Single)
-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Sitting in Bars with Cake: Score Suite (Single)Sitting in Bars with Cake: Score Suite (Single)
Amazon Content Services
Jeff CardoniiTunesView Movie
A Time Called YouA Time Called YouVarious ArtistsMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
A Time Called You - Background MusicA Time Called You - Background MusicChoi In-hee
Various Artists
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Verano en rojoVerano en rojo
MovieScore Media
Paula OlazMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Wochenendrebellen: Rebellenherz (Single)Wochenendrebellen: Rebellenherz (Single)-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
Netflix Music
Zach RobinsoniTunesView Miniseries
Cocaine BearCocaine Bear
Back Lot Music
Mark MothersbaughCD | MP3 | iTunes | VinylView Movie
Animaniacs: Season 3Animaniacs: Season 3
WaterTower Music
Julie Bernstein
Steven Bernstein
Various Artists
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
The Brighton Miracle: The Story of How (Single)The Brighton Miracle: The Story of How (Single)-MP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Cross Roads (Enfer 44)The Cross Roads (Enfer 44)
Plaza Mayor
David AboucayaMP3 | iTunesView Direct to Video
Jambo Records
Roy BuddMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Series FinaleKung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Series FinaleKevin Lax
Robert Lydecker
MP3 | iTunesView TV Series
L'homme aux yeux d'argentL'homme aux yeux d'argent
Philippe SardeMP3 | iTunesView Movie
La femme enfant (Single)La femme enfant (Single)
Vladimir CosmaMP3 | iTunesView Movie
La jeune femme en vertLa jeune femme en vert
Vladimir CosmaMP3 | iTunesView TV Movie
Les filles de Malemort (Single)Les filles de Malemort (Single)
Vladimir CosmaMP3 | iTunesView Movie
The Wheel of Time: Season 2 - Vol. 1The Wheel of Time: Season 2 - Vol. 1
Milan Records
Lorne BalfeMP3 | iTunesView TV Series
Walt Disney Records
Mark MothersbaughMP3 | iTunesView TV Movie
The Munsters: Television Music of Jack MarshallThe Munsters: Television Music of Jack Marshall
Limited Edition of 2,000 Units

La-La Land Records
Jack MarshallMP3 | iTunes | Official SiteView 4 Titles
Blind Fate: Edo No YamiBlind Fate: Edo No YamiJoe KataldoMP3 | iTunesView Video Game
Society of the Snow: Found (Single)Society of the Snow: Found (Single)
Netflix Music
Michael GiacchinoMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Under the Naked SkyUnder the Naked SkyArjan de WitMP3 | iTunesView Movie
Lorenzo TomioMP3 | iTunesView Movie

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