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September 30 – October 6, 2019

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Spider-Man: Far From HomeBlu-ray | DVDMichael Giacchino
Spider-Man: Far From Home (4K)Blu-rayMichael Giacchino
Anna and the ApocalypseDVDRoddy Hart
Tommy Reilly
AstronautBlu-rayVirginia Kilbertus
Coyote LakeDVDFabrizio Mancinelli
Doom: AnnihilationBlu-ray | DVDFrederik Wiedmann
EncounterBlu-ray | DVDPenka Kouneva
General MagicBlu-ray | DVDBenji Merrison
Jarhead: Law of ReturnBlu-ray | DVDFrederik Wiedmann
MaidenBlu-ray | DVDRob Manning
Samuel Sim
The Pilgrim's ProgressBlu-ray | DVDMichael Dooley
The Quiet OneDVDPaul Leonard-Morgan
Nathan Coen (additional music)
Johnny Lloyd (additional music)
Angel of MineDVDGabe Noel

October 7 – 13, 2019

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Annabelle Comes HomeBlu-ray | DVDJoseph Bishara
MidsommarBlu-ray | DVDBobby Krlic
Toy Story 4Blu-rayRandy Newman
Toy Story 4 (3D)Blu-rayRandy Newman
Toy Story 4 (4K)Blu-rayRandy Newman
Last Ones OutDVDZethu Mashika
Light of My LifeBlu-ray | DVDDaniel Hart
Red JoanBlu-ray | DVDGeorge Fenton
Ruin MeDVDHolly Amber Church
The Wedding GuestBlu-ray | DVDHarry Escott

October 14 – 20, 2019

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
StuberBlu-ray | DVDJoseph Trapanese
The Art of Self-DefenseBlu-ray | DVDHeather McIntosh
Devil's RevengeBlu-ray | DVDJurgen Engler
Doubting ThomasBlu-ray | DVDTim Borquez
David Majzlin
Eternal CodeDVDKaizad Patel
Marianne & Leonard: Words of LoveDVDNick Laird-Clowes
H. Scott Salinas (additional music)
Night Hunter (Nomis)Blu-ray | DVDAlex Lu
Round of Your LifeDVD-
ArizonaBlu-ray | DVDJoseph Stephens
Hamlet in the Golden ValeDVDSeth Ford-Young

October 21 – 27, 2019

Day Recent Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
The Lion KingBlu-ray | DVDHans Zimmer
Elton John (songs)
Tim Rice (songs)
The Lion King (4K)Blu-rayHans Zimmer
Elton John (songs)
Tim Rice (songs)
Angel of MineBlu-rayGabe Noel
BloodlineDVDTrevor Gureckis
David Crosby: Remember My NameBlu-ray | DVDMarcus Eaton
Bill Laurance
The Other StoryDVDCyrille Aufort
Satanic PanicBlu-ray | DVDWolfmen of Mars
Tone-DeafBlu-ray | DVDMichl Britsch

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