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March 30 – April 5, 2020

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
AgaDVDPenka Kouneva
Blood on Her NameDVDBrooke Blair
Will Blair
Mystify: Michael HutchenceBlu-ray | DVDWarren Ellis
Spy InterventionDVDRoger Suen
Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerBlu-ray | DVDJohn Williams
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (4K)Blu-rayJohn Williams
Streetlight HarmoniesBlu-ray | DVD-
VFWBlu-ray | DVDSteve Moore
TV Shows, Miniseries, or TV Movie Titles Formats Composers
What's My Name: Muhammad AliDVDMarcelo Zarvos
Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
The FittestDVD-

April 6 – 12, 2020

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Camp Cold BrookBlu-ray | DVDChad M. Rehmann
CatsBlu-ray | DVDAndrew Lloyd Webber
Citizen KDVDIvor Guest
Robert Logan
DaffodilsBlu-ray | DVDSteph Brown
Fen Ikner
DolittleBlu-ray | DVDDanny Elfman
Chris Bacon (additional music)
Dolittle (4K)Blu-rayDanny Elfman
Chris Bacon (additional music)
Escape from PretoriaBlu-ray | DVDDavid Hirschfelder
From Iceland to EdenDVDMagnus Johann Ragnarsson
A Kid from Coney IslandDVDRoger Suen
Knives and SkinBlu-rayNick Zinner
Little WomenBlu-ray | DVDAlexandre Desplat
The Night ClerkDVDErik Hall
The Rest of UsBlu-ray | DVD-
StrikeDVDPeter Michael Davison
Swift (Manou the Swift)Blu-ray | DVDFrank Schreiber
Steffen Wick
The Woman Who Loves GiraffesBlu-ray | DVDTom Third

April 13 – 19, 2020

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Agent Toby BarksDVDDavid Bateman
Distant ConstellationDVD-
EveDVDToby Dundas
Final KillBlu-ray | DVD-
Foxtrot SixDVDRob Powers
GoldieDVDNathan Halpern
GrassBlu-ray | DVD-
Just MercyBlu-ray | DVDJoel P. West
SoundwaveDVDJacob Yoffee
UnderwaterBlu-ray | DVDMarco Beltrami
Brandon Roberts
Inside the RainDVD-

April 20 – 26, 2020

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
VillainDVDAaron May
David Ridley
The GentlemenBlu-ray | DVDChristopher Benstead
The Gentlemen (4K)Blu-rayChristopher Benstead
Bad Boys for LifeBlu-ray | DVDLorne Balfe
Max Aruj (additional music)
Steven Richard Davis (additional music)
Sven Faulconer (additional music)
Steffen Thum (additional music)
Bad Boys for Life (4K)Blu-rayLorne Balfe
Max Aruj (additional music)
Steven Richard Davis (additional music)
Sven Faulconer (additional music)
Steffen Thum (additional music)
Human CapitalDVDMarcelo Zarvos
Ip Man 4: The FinaleBlu-ray | DVDKenji Kawai
Ip Man 4: The Finale (4K)Blu-rayKenji Kawai
The Last Full MeasureBlu-ray | DVDPhilip Klein
Like a BossBlu-ray | DVDChristophe Beck
Jake Monaco (additional music)
Sea FeverDVDChristoffer Franzen
The TurningBlu-ray | DVDNathan Barr
Justin Caine Burnett (additional music)
Why Don't You Just Die!Blu-ray-

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