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January 28 – February 3, 2013

Day Movie Title (10 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Bullet to the Head Steve Mazzaro
Martin Tillman (additional music)
View Album
View 7 Songs
Stand Up Guys Lyle Workman
Jon Bon Jovi (songs)
View 2 Albums
View 16 Songs
Warm Bodies Marco Beltrami
Buck Sanders
View Album
View 17 Songs
As Luck Would Have It Joan Valent No Songs
The Gatekeepers Regis Baillet
Jerome Chassagnard
Ab Ovo
No Songs
Girls Against Boys Nathan Larson View 12 Songs
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia Michael Wandmacher View 11 Songs
Koch Mark Degli Antoni View 10 Songs
Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary Robert Guillory
Sound City - View Album
View 33 Songs

February 4 – 10, 2013

Day Movie Title (16 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Princesa de Africa Juan Laguna
Manu Sanz
View Album
Refuge from the Storm Blair Aaronson
Emanuele Arnone
Identity Thief Christopher Lennertz View Album
View 18 Songs
Side Effects Thomas Newman View Album
View 2 Songs
ABCD: Any Body Can Dance Jigar
View Album
Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder David Amram
Rick DePofi
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III Liam Hayes
Roger Neill (additional music)
View Album
View 19 Songs
Lore Max Richter View Album
View 8 Songs
Lost in Thailand -
Midget Zombie Takeover -
Night Across the Street Jorge Arriagada View 6 Songs
The Playroom Bruce Richardson View 5 Songs
The Sorcerer and the White Snake Mark Lui View 1 Song
Spiders 3D Joseph Conlan View Album
View 2 Songs
Top Gun (in IMAX 3D) Harold Faltermeyer
Giorgio Moroder (songs)
View 5 Albums
View 14 Songs
Would You Rather Daniel Hunt
Bardi Johannsson
View 1 Song

February 11 – 17, 2013

Day Movie Title (14 total titles) Composer(s) Links
White T Ryan Franks
Scott Nickoley
John "Fingazz" Starry (additional music)
View Album
View 24 Songs
Beautiful Creatures thenewno2 View Album
View 7 Songs
A Good Day to Die Hard Marco Beltrami
Brandon Roberts (additional music)
Marcus Trumpp (additional music)
View Album
View 5 Songs
Safe Haven Deborah Lurie View 2 Albums
View 16 Songs
Murder 3 Pritam Chakraborty View Album
Escape From Planet Earth Aaron Zigman View Album
View 10 Songs
Almost in Love James Lavino
The Berlin File Cho Young-Wuk No Songs
The Bitter Buddha Andrew Sit View 9 Songs
Like Someone in Love -
No Carlos Cabezas View 10 Songs
The Package Sean Murray View 4 Songs
The Power of Few Mike Simpson View 10 Songs
Saving Lincoln Mark Adler

February 18 – 24, 2013

Day Movie Title (13 total titles) Composer(s) Links
Dark Skies Joseph Bishara View Album
View 8 Songs
Snitch Antonio Pinto
Samuel Ferrari (additional music)
View Album
View 6 Songs
Bless Me, Ultima Mark Kilian View Album
View 2 Songs
Camp Erik Lutz
Future Weather Erik Friedlander View 12 Songs
Inescapable Geo Hoehn View 7 Songs
Kai Po Che Amit Trivedi
Red Flag Teddy Blanks View Album
No Songs
Rubberneck James Lavino View Album
No Songs
Stand Off Foy Vance View 4 Songs
Stuck -
Wo 11 (11 Flowers) Marc Perrone No Songs
Hansel & Gretel Get Baked Corey Allen Jackson
Alexander Bornstein (additional music)
Drew Silverstein (additional music)
View 3 Songs

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