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Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 5

Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 5

Limited Edition of 1,701 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD1643)

Release Date: May 14, 2024

Format: CD

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Disc 1: Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 5
1. Main Title/End Title* (2nd Season, Soprano Version, Enhanced Stereo) (Alexander Courage) 1:18
2. METAMORPHOSIS (George Duning): Shuttlecraft/Shuttle Helpless M11/M12 2:09
3. The Planetoid/Most Unusual M13/M14 1:16
4. Cochrane* M15 1:35
5. Looks Familiar M21 0:51
6. Companion*/Still Alive M22+M22X/M23 0:42
7. Zefram/Nancy Flips M24/M25 1:14
8. You've Got It/Angry Companion* M26/M27–30+M27–30X 1:13
9. Cochrane Calls M31+M31X 2:15
10. Spock OK/Judas Goat M32/M33/M33A 2:07
11. Mad Companion* M34+M34X 1:36
12. Starship*/Scott Anxious M41 tk 3/M42 0:38
13. Transition*/Companion Talks/Kirk Frustrated M43/M44/M44A 4:23
14. Cochrane Angry/Spock Puzzled/Nancy Sobs* M45/M46–50/M51 1:11
15. Kirk Pleads/New Nancy M52+M52X/M53 3:06
16. It's Her/Loneliness M54/M55–60 2:57
17. You Loved Me M61 1:45
18. Cochrane's Decision* M62 1:12
19. RETURN TO TOMORROW (George Duning) The Voice* M12 1:07
20. Who Are You/The Globes* M15/M21 1:20
21. Sargon Transfers/Sargon Requests M22/M23 2:23
22. Thalassa/Kirk Returns M24/M31 1:14
23. Kirk's Philosophy* M32 0:58
24. Ready Sargon M33 0:52
25. Thalassa Recalls M34–40 1:53
26. Henoch†/I Remember† M41/M44 1:14
27. Thalassa Worried†/Nurse Puzzled†/Thalassa Concerned/Thalassa Pleads M45/M45A/M46/M51 2:33
28. Sargon Inert† M52 0:56
29. Nurse Chapel*/Spock Alive M55–60/M63 1:34
30. Last Moments* M64 1:41
31. PATTERNS OF FORCE (George Duning): Military Mite (Nazi March) M10 tk 1 1:41
32. Military Mite (Nazi March) (soft version) M10 tk 2 1:17
33. Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, soft opening) M10 tk 3 0:24
34. Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, hard opening) M10 tk 4 0:26
35. Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, long ending) M10 tk 5 0:15
36. Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, short ending) M10 tk 6 0:14
37. Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn motive) M10 tk 7 0:09
38. Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn theme) M10 tk 9 0:15
39. Military Mite (Nazi March) (percussion only) M10 tk 10 1:43
  Disc Time: 55:37
Disc 2: Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 5
1. Main Title* (3rd Season, Soprano Version, Stereo) (Alexander Courage) 1:02
2. IS THERE IN TRUTH NO BEAUTY? (George Duning): Enter Marvick*/Enter Miranda† M11/M12 1:37
3. Ambassador Arrival*/My Life Is Here†/I Must Know/Starship Party* M13/M14/M15/M21 3:36
4. McCoy's Toast/Quite a Woman/Marvick Pleads M22/M23/M24/M24A 5:27
5. Marvick Mad/Marvick Berserk/Marvick Dies M31/M32/M32A/M33 5:56
6. Unknown Void/Sentimental Jim/What Is Ugly?†/Why? M34/M41/M42/M43 3:57
7. Blind Miranda/Mind Link†/Spock—Kollos M44/M51/M52 4:55
8. Hero Spock*† M53/M53A/M53B 3:38
9. Don't Move/Spock Out/No Change/Miranda Mad†/Miranda's Farewell*† M61/M62/M63/M64/M64B/M64A/M64C/M65 7:19
10. THE EMPATH (George Duning) Starship Again*/Nova Phase/What Happened? M11/M12/M13 2:02
11. Lost Trio/Enter Gem/The Vians/Kirk Stunned/Force Field/Kirk Healed M14/M15+M15A/M16/M21/M22/M23 4:27
12. Vian Lab/The Subjects M24/M25 1:55
13. Cave Exit†/Star Trek Chase/Slow Motion Kirk M26/M27/M28–30/M28–30A/M28–30B 3:18
14. One Specimen/Kirk Tortured/Kirk's Agony/Help Him/Vians' Threat M31/M32/M33/M34/M35 4:55
15. How's It Going*/Spock's Hypo/Spock Stuck†/McCoy Tortured/Gem Wistful M41/M42/M43/M44/M45 3:52
16. Poor McCoy/Bedside Manner/No Interference/Time Grows Short M51/M52/M53/M54–60/M54–60A 6:34
17. Don't Touch Me M61 2:07
18. Vians' Farewell/Off Again* M62/M62A/M63 1:51
19. Empath Finale*† M64 1:05
20. End Title* (3rd Season, Soprano Version, Stereo) (Alexander Courage) 0:44
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* Contains "Theme From STAR TREK (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry
† Contains "Mr. Spock" Composed by Gerald Fried

La-La Land Records and CBS Studios proudly present Star Trek: The Original Series - The 1701 Collection Vol. 5, the fifth in a series of limited edition CD releases that showcase original scores from the landmark sci-fi television series Star Trek (1966-1969). Containing music originally from our long out-of-print 2012 Original Series Box Set, these exciting volumes utilize the same restored master as that acclaimed release, but feature new packaging by Dan Goldwasser, along with brand new, exclusive liner notes by film music writer and Trek historian, Jeff Bond. This groundbreaking, iconic music, from one of television's most acclaimed and beloved series, is now again available for fans everywhere!

Vol. 5 of the 1701 Collection focuses on the Trek TOS music of renowned composer George Duning, with the "Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, and contains original music from the classic episodes METAMORPHOSIS, RETURN TO TOMORROW, PATTERNS OF FORCE, IS THERE IN TRUTH NO BEAUTY? and THE EMPATH, along with MAIN and END TITLES. Produced by Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk and Jeff Bond, restored by Chris Malone and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition 2-CD release of 1701 units, as well as forthcoming volumes of this series, illustrate how the original Trek series scores not only teem with action, adventure and drama, but how they are infused with deep emotion and the greatness of the human spirit. Such characteristics have kept these richly orchestrated tracks vital and relevant decades beyond their original recording.

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