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Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 4

Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 4

Limited Edition of 1,701 Units

La-La Land Records (LLLCD1639)

Release Date: February 13, 2024

Format: CD

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Disc 1: Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 4
1. Main Title/End Title* (3rd Season, Soprano Version, Stereo) (Arranged by Alexander Courage, Conducted by Wilbur Hatch) 1:15
2. SPECTRE OF THE GUN (Jerry Fielding):Melkots' Warning*/ Hailing Frequencies* M11/M12 5:04
3. It Is Done! M14 1:04
4. Tombstone M15–20 1:20
5. The Clantons Lost/Death Is Real!/Tack Piano (Weird) M21/M22/M23 1:30
6. Good Morning Gents/Draw Clanton M31/M32 1:04
7. Taos Lightning/Teeth Pulling M33/M34 1:22
8. My Name—Doc Holliday/Love Scene in Old West/Chekov Gets Killed M35–40/M41/M42 4:50
9. Not Yet Our Time M44 0:47
10. One Other Place/Any Way You Can/Ten Minutes M51/M52/M53 1:15
11. We're Trapped/Shoot Out, Part 1 M54/M55–60 3:15
12. Shoot Out, Part 2/Kirk Wins! M55–60/M61/M61A 1:11
13. It's Gone Sir M62 0:44
14. No Title/Final Curtain* M63+M63B/M63A 1:18
15. THE PARADISE SYNDROME (Gerald Fried): Pine Trees/The Amerikinds/Tahiti Syndrome/The Brain Wash M11/M12/M13/M14 3:38
16. Episode Title/Puzzled Kirk/Miramanee/Maximum Warp*/Engine Strain M21/M22/M23/M24/M25 3:35
17. Bad Memory*/Breath of Life*/The New God/Deflection M26/M27/M27A/M28–30 3:34
18. Asteroid/Dilithium M31/M31A 1:55
19. Washday/Salish Fluffed/Potter Kirk/Naming the God/Target*M32/M33/M34/M35/M36 4:20
20. Lazy Lazer/Joining Day M37/M38–40 1:57
21. Meditating Spock/Wedding Dress/Challenge M41/M42/M42A 1:46
22. The Fight/The Ceremony/Listless Spock/Spock Cheats Doctor/Forest Montage/Troubling Dreams/Mud Map M43/M43A/M45/M46/M47–50/M47–50A/M47–50B/M50A 5:11
23. Forever Cooking/Wind/False God M51/M52/M53 2:51
24. Check-Up/Death to a False God/Mind Fusion M54/M55/M61 2:29
25. Back to Reality/The Right Words/Wounded Girl M62/M62A/M62B 2:16
26. The Right Button/Death of Miramanee/End M63/M64+M64A/M65 3:09
27. REQUIEM FOR METHUSELAH (Ivan Ditmars): Pseudo Brahms Esq. M26/M26A 2:22
28. Pseudo Brahms Esq. (alternate ending) M26 2:13
  Disc Time: 67:15
Disc 2: Star Trek: The Original Series: The 1701 Collection - Vol. 4
1. Main Title* (3rd Season, Soprano Version, Monaural) (Arranged by Alexander Courage, Conducted by Wilbur Hatch) 1:02
2. THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT (Alexander Courage): Aberrated Captain* M11 3:04
3. Surrounded/Temper, Temper M12/M13 1:14
4. Unfair Exchange M14–20+M14–20B 1:04
5. Vulcanian Cahoots M21 3:34
6. Hemmed In/Vulcanization M22/M31 0:48
7. Konked Kirk M32 3:42
8. Vulcanized M33 1:14
9. Kirk Rekirked M41 1:21
10. Back From Dead/Commandeered M42/M43–50 6:32
11. Back to Business M51 2:14
12. Stolen Device M52 2:51
13. Reworked*/Deposition/Sweaty Scotty M53/M54/M55–60 1:50
14. Free Enterprise* M61 6:20
15. Ear Bob* M62 0:36
16. PLATO'S STEPCHILDREN (Alexander Courage): Giant Dwarf* M11 0:46
17. Meet the Folks/Soaring Syringe M12/M13 1:09
18. Episode Titles M14 0:46
19. Delirium Parmen's* M15–20 2:34
20. Reluctant Guests/Psychokinetic Effect M21/M21A 0:30
21. The Frog (Alexander's Song) (vocal: Michael Dunn) M22A 0:27
22. Slap Unhappy M23 0:41
23. Cut Off/I Hear You Calling M24/M25+M25A 0:46
24. Psychokinetic Shenanigans/Stopped Cold M26/M31 1:18
25. Groveling Kirk M32+M32A 2:47
26. Dancing Spock M33 3:49
27. Spock Brought/New Talent M41/M51 0:54
28. The Aristocrats/Flung About M52/M53 1:25
29. Orgy Porgy M55–60 5:59
30. Brain Bout M61 1:52
31. The Little Visitor* M62 0:38
32. WHOM GODS DESTROY (Alexander Courage): Arab Hootch Dance (Hootchie Kootchie) LM133 1:44
33. THE WAY TO EDEN (Songs by Arthur Heinemann, Charles Napier and Craig Robertson): Beam-In Sweetener M6 0:04
34. Looking for a New Land (vocal: Charles Napier) MV1 1:31
35. Like Hail (vocal: Napier) MV3 0:13
36. Hey, Out There! (vocals: Charles Napier and Deborah Downey) MV2 2:48
37. Far Out Jam (William Pitman) M8/MV5A 1:14
38. Headin' Out to Eden (vocal: Napier) MV4 1:04
39. Headin' Out to Eden (instrumental tags) M7A tk 2, 1 0:24
40. End Title* (3rd Season, Soprano Version, Monaural) (Arranged by Alexander Courage, Conducted by Wilbur Hatch) 0:45
  Disc Time:
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*Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage and Gene Roddenberry

La-La Land Records and CBS Studios proudly present Star Trek: The Original Series - The 1701 Collection Vol. 4, the fourth in a series of limited edition CD releases that showcase original scores from the landmark sci-fi television series Star Trek (1966-1969). Containing music originally from our long out-of-print 2012 Original Series Box Set, these exciting volumes utilize the same restored master as that acclaimed release, but feature new packaging by Dan Goldwasser, along with brand new, exclusive liner notes by film music writer and Trek historian, Jeff Bond. This groundbreaking, iconic music, from one of television's most acclaimed and beloved series, is now again available for fans everywhere!

Vol. 4 of the 1701 Collection focuses on the third-season Trek TOS music of renowned composers Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Alexander Courage and Ivan Ditmars, with the "Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, and contains original music from the classic episodes SPECTRE OF THE GUN, THE PARADISE SYNDROME, REQUIEUM FOR METHUSELAH, THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT, PLATO'S STEPCHILDREN, WHOM GODS DESTROY, and THE WAY TO EDEN along with third season MAIN and END TITLES. Produced by Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk and Jeff Bond, restored by Chris Malone and mastered by Doug Schwartz, this limited edition 2-CD release of 1701 units, as well as forthcoming volumes of this series, illustrate how the original Trek series scores not only teem with action, adventure and drama, but how they are infused with deep emotion and the greatness of the human spirit. Such characteristics have kept these richly orchestrated tracks vital and relevant decades beyond their original recording.

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