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The Basil Poledouris Collection - Vol. 1

The Basil Poledouris Collection - Vol. 1

Limited Edition of 2,000 Units

BSX Records (BSXCD-8944)

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Behold Hawaii / Conan the Barbarian / Flyers
1. BEHOLD HAWAII: Ocean Quest
2. Pristine Hawaii
3. Ancient Gift
4. Water Fall Climb
5. River Run
6. The Village
7. Lono Processional
8. Love Theme
9. Surf #1 / Surf #2
10. Fight / Fight II
11. Hula
12. CONAN THE BARBARIAN: Conan The Barbarian: The Anvil of Crom (Larry Hopkins)
13. Conan The Barbarian: The Orgy - Vocalise ((Joohyun Park, Vocal: Zoe Poledouris))
14. FLYERS: The Carrier / Coming Home
15. Stunt Work / More Stunt Work
16. Aerial Ballet
17. Night Flight / The Canyon
18. We'll Talk / Coming Home II
19. Test
20. Soaing
Disc 2: A Whale for the Killing / Three Themes for Solo Piano / Misfits of Science / A Whale for the Killing
2. The Whalers
3. Whaler Attack Aftermath
4. Caught In The Storm
5. Sailing Into Barris
6. Sailing Into Barris (Alternate)
7. A Promise
8. Unloading The Boat
9. Morning In Barris
10. It's A Deal/Whalers
11. Graduation Ceremony
12. Cease Fire
13. Meet The Whale
14. Doc and Charles
15. No Joy In Barris
16. Pillow Talk
17. Charles Takes A Walk (Alternate)
18. A Whale For The Killing (Vocal)
19. Cease Fire Shanty
20. Bickle Attacks The Whale
21. Choices
22. Fighting To Breathe
23. A Whale of A Tale
24. End Credits
25. A Whale For The Killing (Instrumental)
26. THREE THEMES FOR SOLO PIANO (Performed by Mark Northam): Emmeline - The Blue Lagoon
27. Three Friends - Big Wednesday
28. End Credit from It's My Party
29. MISFITS OF SCIENCE - Main Title Song (Original Soundtrack)
30. A WHALE FOR THE KILLING: She's Not Gone, She's Free (damaged)
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From the Manufacturer

BSX Records presents a Basil Poledouris compilation. For this special 2 CD collection of rarities, BSX Records showcases a blend of extended original soundtrack presentations of some of the composer's lesser-available works along with a selection of newly-recorded interpretations of his more popular scores. These include never-before-released music from the IMAX films Behold Hawaii, and Flyers, a complete presentation of the score to A Whale for the Killing, along with new recordings of music from Conan the Barbarian, Big Wednesday, The Blue Lagoon and It's My Party and, finally, a rare demo produced by the composer for the television show Misfits of Science. Released in 1983, Behold Hawaii's score was performed with a small acoustic ensemble sweetened with synth overlays, the film's visual splendors evoke a particularly compelling score rich in elegant recurring melodies and exotic instrumental textures.

Composed the same year as Behold Hawaii, Flyers is a 35-minute IMAX short film. It allowed Basil to compose some thrilling aerobatic music, from soaring crescendos to tense, perilous action riffs, and even a bit of old fashioned carnival music. A poignant romantic theme underscores the family relationship at the heart of the stunt pilot team. Flyers is presented on this release newly remastered.

Released previously by BSX Records as a presentation of eleven tracks chosen by the composer for promotional purposes, A Whale for the Killing is presented on this release in its entirety for the first time, including the song featured in the film. When it came time to assemble the music for this album, only the orchestral backing track was located—the vocal track was missing. Rather than pull the original vocal from the movie track, in order to gain a better sound quality we've elected to record a new vocal, produced by our frequent collaborator Dominik Hauser, and overlay that on top of Basil's orchestral underscore, thus recreating the song in the manner it was heard in the film.

For Misfits of Science's theme, the producers were looking for a pop-rock song in what was then Madonna's style; this track is the first demo that Basil produced and submitted, with lyrics by Steve Schiff, sung by Karen Lawrence. This is the first time the original demo recording has been released.

This release features unreleased music mastered from the composer's own elements, along with remastered presentations of Flyers and A Whale for the Killing. These elements have been remastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland. It is presented on 2 CDs, featuring liner notes by author Randall Larson and limited to 2,000 units.

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