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October 3 – 9, 2011

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
African Cats
- African Cats
- Stake Land
Blu-ray / DVDNicholas Hooper
Jeff Grace
Almost FamousBlu-rayNancy Wilson
AmerBlu-ray | DVD-
Beauty and the Beast (5-Disc Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD Combo)Blu-ray / DVDAlan Menken
Howard Ashman (lyrics)
Being John MalkovichBlu-rayCarter Burwell
BuckDVDDavid Robbins
Caesar & Otto's Summer Camp MassacreDVDBruce Kiesling
The Cider House RulesBlu-rayRachel Portman
Cinema ParadisoBlu-rayEnnio Morricone
Andrea Morricone (additional music)
Crazy on the OutsideBlu-ray | Blu-ray / DVD | DVDDavid Newman
Fast FiveBlu-ray / DVD | DVDBrian Tyler
FugueDVDDana Niu
The Heart SpecialistBlu-ray | DVDTree Adams
Christopher Faizi
The High Cost of LivingDVDNormand Corbeil
Ned Bouhalassa (additional music)
Jackie BrownBlu-rayJoseph Julian Gonzalez
JigBlu-ray / DVD | DVDPatrick Doyle
Julie & JuliaBlu-rayAlexandre Desplat
The Lion King (Diamond Edition)Blu-ray / DVDHans Zimmer
Elton John (songs)
Tim Rice (songs)
The Lion King (Diamond Edition in 3D)Blu-ray / DVDHans Zimmer
Elton John (songs)
Tim Rice (songs)
Phase 7DVDGuillermo Guareschi
The Red ChapelDVD-
Scream 4Blu-ray | DVDMarco Beltrami
Silent Night, Zombie NightDVDMario Salvucci
Stake Land
- African Cats
- Stake Land
Blu-ray / DVDNicholas Hooper
Jeff Grace
SubmarineBlu-ray | DVDAndrew Hewitt
Alex Turner (songs)
The UndefeatedDVDDavid Cebert
Vertigo (Limited Edition Essentials Collection - Five Features)DVDBernard Herrmann
Direct to Video Titles Formats Composers
The Lion King Trilogy
- The Lion King
- The Lion King 1 1/2
- The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Blu-ray / DVDHans Zimmer
Elton John (songs)
Tim Rice (songs)
Don Harper
Nick Glennie-Smith
SubspeciesBlu-rayThe Aman Folk Orchestra
Subspecies / Bloodstone: Subspecies II / Bloodlust: Subspecies IIIDVDThe Aman Folk Orchestra
TV Shows, Miniseries, or TV Movie Titles Formats Composers
Friday Night Lights - The Complete SeriesDVDBennett Salvay
W.G. Snuffy Walden
In Treatment - Season 3DVDAvi Belleli
The League (Season 2)Blu-ray | DVDJeff Cardoni
Jon Lajoie
Meet the Browns series - Season 2DVD-
Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
The Savage WildDVDJaime Mendoza-Nava

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